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By Jane Collen

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Various platforms offer a chance to get inspired by watching motivational leadership videos and change one’s life in all aspects.

YouTube and Ted Talks are exceptionally famous among people looking out for leadership videos and who want to motivate themself.

This article is a compilation of 9 inspiring leadership videos that will help you gain the concept and provide you with tips and tricks on becoming a spark of motivation and enlightenment for other people.

1. Self-Leadership Is Important

Leadership is a force that drives other people and does not consume their energy. Hence, it is crucial to identify one’s energy and bring out the true leader in yourself. Leaders are self-disciplined, having strong willpower, and this is the force that drives them to take essential steps in their own lives as well as others.

Lars Sudmann, in this video regarding leadership, reminds all the aspiring leaders to monitor their lifestyle and perform self-reflection from time to time so that your true leader may emerge from within.

He also talks about the importance of checking and identifying your characteristic traits, reflecting the significance of self-leadership.

2. Leadership Quotes To Motivate Yourself

If you are leading a group of people, then it is essential to remind yourself about your responsibilities from time to time with motivational quotes. Watching short motivational videos regarding leadership can boost your adrenaline and help you showcase your true potential that sometimes gets suppressed by negative thoughts.

This video is a compilation of all the quotes from accomplished people that will help you gain the confidence and inspiration required to uplift your courage instantly since it is essential to refresh your courage now and then.

3. Face Your Fears

Every human being has some insecurities or fears that they are too ashamed to share with the world, and sometimes they even hide their concerns from themselves. This results in a vast compilation of internal threats that eventually explode, rendering the person feeling weak and emotional.

However, a true leader has the quality to face his/her fears and challenge his mind and body so that he can achieve more out of life. It is a key to stop living an ordinary life and influence yourself and others to live a characteristically beautiful life.

This video written by Brian Fulginiti is an excellent speech that explains the concept thoroughly.

4. Inspiring Others With Your Actions

Actions inspire more than words because they are an accurate representation that a goal is achievable. A true leader owns his/her actions and embraces all the flaws that those actions may contain.

He/she then devise such methods which are helpful to overcome the shortcomings. In this process, the leader gets the advantage of understanding a fool-proof approach, but people who are associated with the leader also gain confidence.

This Ted-Talk given by Simon Sinek is an excellent explainer video production that explains the goal of a true leader, which is to make people believe what you believe.

5. Difference Between A Leader And A Manager

A leader is a person who considers himself a part of the team and does not impose his opinions on other people. He performs the work of a manager as well, where he manages a group of people but deals with them with kindness and goodwill and gently makes them believe that his opinions are correct.

A manager, however, only imposes his judgment on the people working under him. This explainer video production explains the difference perfectly.

6. Qualities Possed By A Great Leader

A great leader knows how to make a difference in the world and strives to showcase such attributes that will inspire others.

Leaders possess specific qualities such as being hard-working because these traits make them different from others, making them eligible to lead others. However, you do not have to belong to a certain position to reflect your leadership attributes.

Anyone can achieve them by simply developing features that a mentor can possess. This explainer video production discusses such qualities which are required to inspire others.

7. Starting A Chain Reaction

To ignite others with the belief that their actions can make a difference is a challenging task on its own. To achieve this, one must always be ready to learn and teach. A true teacher would always support his/her pupils and perform actions to help them understand and recognize their hidden potential.

A true leader would not hold himself back from learning and always tries to balance things out by being a follower. This Ted-Talk by Derek Sivers talks about the critical phenomenon of how to start a movement.

8. Know All About Teamwork

When it comes to becoming an inspiring leader, it is also essential to know to handle people so that everyone works on the same page to avoid all miscommunications.

This video discusses the idea beautifully.

Videos discussing the methods to improve teamwork can help you understand how to benefit the team with the potential of every individual so that the outcomes of combined collaboration are worth the hard work.

9. Wise Words

Usually, people consider children as naive little human beings who do not know much about the world. However, anyone can be intellectual, and words of wisdom must never be considered minor or worthless.

On the contrary, they must always be collected and shared when they are offered. This video discusses the knowledge that young people have spoken regarding leadership which is highly inspirational and motivational.

It is interesting to consider their take on the topic.


Leadership is a group of attributes that are showcased by individuals that help them gain recognition and success. Hence, it is essential to refresh your concepts from time to time and get motivated by watching videos that can help you boost your confidence and bring out your true potential. However, it is also important to remember that a leader is also a human being and deserves the right to rest or make mistakes.

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