No organization can survive without a people plan—the plan for its people. Just as a company needs a plan to ensure the proper functioning of its business or specific departments, it also requires a plan for the most crucial resource: employees. A people strategy spells out how a company will manage and develop the workforce,

What is a People Plan and How Do You Make One?

Adaptability and consistently working on the change management process are big factors in having a successful business. The world is constantly changing, and if you can’t keep up, you’ll get left behind. That’s where adaptive leadership comes in. Adaptive leadership is the key to the change management process. It allows businesses to adapt quickly to

Adaptive Leadership: The Change Management Process

Measuring productivity is one thing that is common between all successful business organizations that have set themselves apart from the rest. Measuring productivity is the best way to ensure a productive workforce. Since employees are the building blocks of an organization, their productivity and performance directly impact the productivity and growth of the company. The

7 Best Ways to Measure Productivity of Employees

Your strategy for business is the foundation for a safe and productive company. Employees may come and go, but your strategy for business endures throughout the life of a company. Incorporating work procedures into your business strategy doesn’t just help onboard new employees. They also ensure that the company produces quality results for its customers

Incorporating Work Procedures into Your Strategy for Business

Often, when traveling for business, team leaders are faced with the need to get tasks completed remotely. Even the most experienced multi-tasker can find it challenging to balance work and personal life between staying in touch with the team and discovering new places. Therefore, staying productive while traveling for business can be pretty challenging. When

6 Tips to Stay Productive when Traveling for Business

I get the opportunity to help people develop their decision-making and leadership skills across a broad spectrum of industries. Their jobs are different, and their responsibilities are diverse, but one thing is the same everywhere I go: Leaders want more guidance on effective decision-making. Avoid Extremes The decisions we make and how we communicate in

When to Include Others in Decision Making

Every year leaders around the world make an honest effort to become exceptional leaders through the creation of New Year’s Resolutions – most of which is never achieved. Consequently, they fall back into the same rut from the previous year. I hereby resolve to make no resolutions for the coming year, or ever again for

8 Daily Practices of Exceptional Leader

Every company has its own set of priorities, and to take it to the next level, finding out which initiatives will make a significant impact can be challenging. But what makes a business truly stand out isn’t the products or services it sells or offers but the people in it. Moreover, the people in your

How to Promote Personal Development in Your Team

While standing in the check-out line at the supermarket, I listened as a lady in line ahead of me was explaining some customer service techniques and skills a young female checker needed to improve her expertise: “greet people, smile, and be positive, she said.” The young checker never responded, either verbally or non-verbally. I whispered

The Servant Leadership of Client Service

It’s a vicious circle – you want to launch your own business to start making money, but it seems to cost a large amount of money to start a business. So, how do you disrupt this pattern and begin building a brand with little to no capital? It’s actually easier than it sounds. In this

30 Ways to Start a Business with No Money

In our post-covid reality, many people found themselves working from home. Some people hated them, some loved them, but everyone had to adapt to them.  We, humans, are creatures of habit, and generations of doing work created certain cultural expectations in the same manner. Working from home breaks those expectations, which creates a sense of

6 Ways To Retain Employees Working From Home

An American business Executive Jack Welch famous quote sounds like this: “before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others’’. It is a motivation to enhance the capacity of others to become future effective leaders. And it is only possible through a

Create Your Leadership Development Plan