How many times have you seen this situation? You’re at a networking event, and a well-suited young man walks up to you, holding out his hand, “Hi, my name is Joe Publicwannabe. Here’s my card.” His smile is confident, and he shakes your hand firmly. You glance down at his business card and see his name,

4 Signs You’re a Thought Leader

To build a leadership legacy, we have a responsibility to realize we won’t be around forever. When we leave, whether, by retirement, resignation, or promotion, it is our responsibility to have prepared someone to take our place. Besides the fact that an employer will feel a lot better about promoting you if they know there

Building a Leadership Legacy

Introverted leaders are usually great at technical skills. That’s why they were promoted and given more responsibility. What does the word “leader” mean? Well, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, a leader is a person who is in control of a group or situation. Or it can be explained as “a person who influences a group

4 Weaknesses Introverted Leaders Can Turn Into Strengths

Not all of us get to do what we’re best at. Some people are good at things that don’t pay, like hotdog eating. Others often don’t have the opportunity to do what they excel at. People in leadership positions have it slightly easier, though. After all, they get to make the decisions. All the same,

How to Lead In Your Craft

A significant part of leadership effectiveness is motivating the team. Motivation is a hot topic in organizational science, but answering the question “what motives people” and producing effective solutions has been met with limited success. Intrusive Leadership Previously, I’ve written about the soft side of leadership and how subtle people skills can make a significant

What is Intrusive Leadership?

Successful project management, by its most obvious definition, is the ability to design, plan, and execute your projects with success. Project managers are constantly striving to ensure that projects are completed on time and within the stipulated budget. There are several challenges that they have to deal with daily from both internal and external forces.

4 Tips for Successful Project Management

One sunny day I was walking through the central streets and saw a bookstore with this book in a shop window: “Machiavelli on Modern Leadership: Why Machiavelli’s Iron Rules Are As Timely And Important Today As Five Centuries Ago” by Michael A. Ledeen. This book on rules for leadership inspired me to write this post.

4 Modern Rules for Leadership

The debate around the supremacy of either management or leadership when it comes to running a company, or even in a day-to-day situation, has been around for quite some time now. In a head-to-head race between leadership and management, it’s very important to understand the differences between them and their good parts in order to

Leaders vs Managers: Is One Better Than the Other?

How a good leader “communicates appropriately and motivates others significantly” to forward the mission.

The Definition of a Good Leader

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you cannot be a leader. It simply means you need to lead differently. However, having confidence and good leadership skills will make your job a lot less of a struggle. Confidence Is Derived from Having Something to Feel Confident About Confidence cannot be taught, given, or earned. It is derived from something.

Leadership Skills for Introverts

What is tough leadership? It’s leadership with an edge. It’s not the crazy, eccentric edge that relies heavily on luck but the boldness to go after what you believe in and take failure on the chin without getting knocked out. Tough leaders are, first and foremost, tough taskmasters. They expect the best out of others

What Exactly Are Tough Leaders Made Of?

Even top leaders encounter adversity in his or her life at some occasion or the other. However, not everyone is as good at handling adverse conditions and those who turn adversity to their advantage are clearly the winners. Here are some tips to face difficult situations in a better way.

5 Ways Top Leaders Overcome Adversity