Effective Leadership

We all talk about the connection between effective leadership and employee retention, but what are the underlying reasons for this connection? This article will help leaders to understand this connection and also the importance of effective leadership for the increased productivity of the employees.

Though the basic reasons for employee retention are salary, benefits and career growth, they also admit improvement in management would make it easier. Many employees in the long run are forced to search for jobs due to their friction with the managers.

Good leadership goes a long way into creating a work environment where the employees feel engaged, appreciated and involved, leading to increased productivity. The reality is often masked due to the fact that employees would rather cite a different reason for leaving a job than being vocal about management.

Effective leadership is not only about leading the team to success, but also about developing a sense to understand what the employees expect.

Effective Leadership = ?

You may have seen the term ‘effective leadership’ a number of times, but what exactly is effective leadership?

The question is truly difficult to answer and philosophical. Is it those who can provide results for the team or is it something different? Being able to provide results is not the only criteria for effective leadership. One has to be a good listener as well. Listening to employees can help them in their productivity.

How Effective Leadership Helps Employee Retention and Productivity

An effective leader does the following:

  • Makes the team open, engaging and cohesive

It is not the job of the HR to make a team come together and engage actively in any project. It is the job of the leader. An effective leader is able to lead a team to being committed, and to working together to successfully complete projects.

If you are transparent in your dealings with employees, they will also open up. Make your relationship with your employee about honest communication and constructive feedback.

  • Helps in building relationships with employees

Building a good rapport with the employees is the foundation of making them content with the work environment. An employee who feels valued in a company will be less likely to switch jobs. Effective leaders can build good relationships with their employees and make them feel appreciated for their effort.

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  • Connects the role of employees with the team goals

It is the duty of the leader to understand the value and abilities of the individuals of a team so that he/she can connect their roles with the goals of the organisation. It is always crucial to understand the role of the employees so they can feel that they are making an impact.

  • Helps the employees to come up with ideas

Effective leadership gives employees the ability to speak and be vocal about their ideas. Giving the power of cultivating ideas to your team is a positive attitude seen by your subordinates.

If you allow your team members to not hold back with their ideas and thoughts but be free to share with you and the rest of the team, then it shows that your leadership is effective.

Effective leadership has always been the prime reason for the growth of an organisation and has helped in retaining the most valuable asset – its employees.

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