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Dr. Mary Kay
About Leaders Co-founder

I am very excited to invite you to subscribe and become part of the About Leaders community, where leaders, at all levels, share ideas and learn from each other.

As a leadership development consultant for over twenty five years, I’ve had the opportunity to teach leadership in a wide variety of industries and work with people from all walks of life.

Wow, what a wealth of knowledge I've learned from all these fascinating people.

This vast experience and passion for leadership have inspired me to invite other leaders to share their leadership experiences in a social setting that is current and fresh.

So, Who is a Leader?

Everyone... Each of us influences people every day.

Our actions impact other people with favorable or not-so-favorable impressions. In an instant, we can either make someone’s day or shut them down.

Now, that's power!

Our Mission: Inspire the Leader in All of Us

Our mission is to inspire and encourage leadership by teaching leaders how to make a difference with everyone they encounter. 

Using effective leadership behaviors daily multiplies leadership within - and with others.

From working with thousands of people, from heart surgeons to meatpackers, I've found that true leaders love to help others succeed. Leaders have an instinct to encourage and build people up so they may achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Everyone has the Power to Build People Up

That's why the About Leaders leadership community is so important. Not only will each of us obtain greater leadership growth, but we will also positively impact our families, friends, employees, neighbors, and communities by how we lead.

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With thousands of leaders collaborating and sharing their knowledge, About Leaders is a phenomenal resource for developing and inspiring the leader in all of us.

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