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68 Lessons - Leadership

​Gear Up for Career Success! Here's a complete system for becoming the leader everyone wants to follow! Quickly learn and immediately apply the skills needed to attract great people, build awesome teams, get everyone to "want to" achieve amazing things, and virtually eliminate people problems. This system also works at home, with kids, and extended family - everyone in your life!

Premium Course

1 Lesson - Communication

Have the Perfect Conversation with Anyone! Communication Hacks are easy to use shortcuts that help you quickly achieve a connection with anyone, including difficult people. Learn how to: 1) Recognize and stop communication gaps. 2) Identify the communication pace of anyone. 3) Determine whether they are people or task focused. 4) How to properly combine pace and priority to make a positive connection. Use the included online assessment to help you quickly learn what style of communicator the person is.

Premium Course

1 Lesson - Motivation

Are there people on your team you just haven’t been able to figure out what motivates them? They are negatively affecting productivity, but a clear understanding and solution as to "why" has not yet presented itself. Here's the solution! Use this online assessment to find out what makes people tick – the fuel that gets them going to be happy and productive team members.

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