The connection between fitness and leadership goes back thousands of years to when “fit to lead” literally meant that a person was physically fit enough to lead a community. Leaders have existed since the times when man depended on hunting and gathering for food and survival, with followers looking up to their leaders’ greater strength

Fitness and Leadership

Social media has paved the way for connecting students across different platforms. One prominent example is Covid-19, where social media played a significant role in bringing students together. Previously, social media’s function was limited to communication; however, this has changed, and social media has brought challenges and harmful impacts to student life. As a coin

Psychological Effects of Social Media on Students

Burnout differs from fatigue because it affects a person’s emotional health and results in low productivity levels. One of the red flags is your mindset not changing about the adverse working conditions despite communication with upper management or taking some time off. Mental health in the workplace is an essential facet of a productive workforce.

5 Ways to Help Your Team With Burnout

Internal communications have a big impact on employee wellness. The abrupt move from the company office to the home office caused high levels of stress and uncertainty. With few face-to-face interactions, employers must take action to ensure the mental well-being of the employees. The role of internal communications as a bridge between the management and

10 Internal Communications and Employee Wellness Tips

Though many factors in the workplace are not in the employee’s control, your feelings and the ways that you deal with issues are personal and can be controlled. Mindfulness can make the workplace more enjoyable and maximize productivity. It has often been suggested that happiness leads to better productivity. Some even ask if it’s productivity

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Students de-stress college by trying to find a balance between studying, homework, and personal life. Not to mention many of them need a part-time income source. Of course, it’s not possible to completely remove all the stress from your college life. Yet, knowing when and how to de-stress is crucial. The number of things that

10 Ways to De-Stress College

Employee wellness is a topic of keen interest in businesses today. Organizations must come together against any policy that dispels the absolute correlation between their goals and workforce productivity. The influential personalities within the business hierarchy have to realize that their strategy needs a boost and the much-needed addition of mental health awareness programs. Believe

9 Unique Ways Leaders Can Boost Employee Wellness

Wellness days are improving the health and well-being of employees, and more HR leaders are aware of the perks of wellness days for their staff. Google allows paramedical help for their staff members (for example, massage therapy). Mobify runs yoga classes on the rooftop two times a week for their team members. The reason why

Why Organizations Should Apply Wellness Days

Work life balance is essential for everyone. Even if you’re not a leader, you probably understand how difficult it is to maintain peak performance at work. Responsibilities and deadlines, coupled with the stress and demands of the workplace, can easily bleed over into the leader’s personal life. If they can’t balance work life and personal

How Leaders Balance Work Life

When you work hard to gain a promotion to enter the world of leadership, you may also be familiar with having to work long hours at certain times. Once within the role, it can be difficult to offset the demands of the job with your personal life. Additional responsibilities may weigh you down and lead

7 Habits to Achieve a Better Work-Life Balance

To deal with negative thoughts, we need to mentally prepare. So first, let’s accept the fact that it is not possible to avoid negative thoughts completely. Negative thoughts are the result of our insecurities in life. We cannot avoid negative thoughts, but we can learn to deal with them effectively. Reasons for negative thoughts vary

7 Effective Ways to Deal With Negative Thoughts

Leaders may often overlook the need to take care of their health. One crucial aspect of this is hydration. Coffee isn’t the only drink that can help you achieve your leadership goals. In fact, overindulgence in caffeinated drinks could impair your cognitive function and decrease how well you perform as a leader by dehydrating you.

Hydration and Leadership