10 Ways to De-Stress College

By Jacob Haliman

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Students de-stress college by trying to find a balance between studying, homework, and personal life. Not to mention many of them need a part-time income source.

Of course, it’s not possible to completely remove all the stress from your college life. Yet, knowing when and how to de-stress is crucial.

The number of things that cause this negative feeling will always increase as you grow up. So, it would help if you found a way to deal with it. Not only because it’s comfortable but also because it makes you more productive and self-confident, as well as improves situational awareness and adaptivity to any circumstances.

1. Listen to Music

It’s no secret that music makes everything entertaining, from writing an assignment to tidying your room. Or maybe you prefer to go for a walk while listening to your favorite artists? Having access to any musical composition out there is a massive privilege of our time. The only thing you have to worry about is finding the fitting soundtrack for your adventures.

But what’s important is that music is proven to have a positive impact on studying. Listening to your favorite artists doesn’t only make you feel comfortable. It boosts performance by increasing focus and improving brain functions.

What a pleasant thing to know, right?

2. Explore the Wild

Taking a hike, going on a road trip, or simply walking through a forest are only a few examples. Having to spend most of the time inside, especially considering all the distance education regulations, we must remember to spend some time outside.

Exploring nature is an easy way to free your mind from everyday tasks and troubles and enjoy the moment.

There’s even such a thing as ecotherapy. And here’s a little surprise – you’re doing it every time you’re performing any activity in nature. It’s especially effective against such horrible things as anxiety and depression. Your body will be very grateful for a breath of fresh air.

3. Read/Watch/Play

These three ways to de-stress share one common thing; All of them force you to leave the real world in favor of visiting completely different universes. Or maybe different interpretations of our own?

  • Reading, the most basic and “old-school” way to chill, make you create the scenery yourself. The author only gives you the description. But the picture in your head comes from imagination. Reading also helps to expand vocabulary and improve both writing and speaking skills.
  • Watching movies or series gives you a visual representation of a story. The only thing you need is to lay back, grab some snacks, and spectate the story as it goes. Movies always broaden your worldview. They also have a high educational value in terms of production technologies.
  • Playing video games is probably the most engaging of the three. It allows you to become the protagonist of the story and to decide the fate of entire kingdoms. Or maybe it is enough for you to solve puzzles? No matter what you prefer, games increase concentration and are a perfect way to release stress.

Provided with an incredible amount of books, movies, and games, you’ll always have something to occupy yourself to relax. Just try not to get too carried away. Otherwise, your favorite way to spend your free time will become a distraction.

4. Work Out

Exercising is not only healthy and beneficial for your body. It is a great way to relieve stress. Be it gym, yoga class, or boxing. The choice is yours. The point is, any physical activity helps you to release stress.

First of all, it cheers you up. Even if you’re really angry or mentally tired, you’ll feel like a terminator at the end of the workout session. All the burdens will disappear before the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction exercising gives.

Secondly, it boosts self-confidence, which is always an essential part of one’s well-being. Because the lack of confidence is a pervasive issue among students nowadays, working out makes you stronger, both physically and mentally, in addition to other benefits.

But what is probably the most crucial part is how exercises affect your organism. Such symptoms usually characterize stress as sleeping problems, sweatiness, and the lack of will to do anything, even eat. All that is caused by the increased flow of “stress hormones,” which can be quickly dealt with by performing any physical activity.

5. Get Help

Don’t worry; getting help doesn’t necessarily mean a therapy session. Of course, it’s still an option if you’re brave enough. But in reality, most students won’t visit psychologists because of many reasons.

For example, some of them can’t share their problems with an unknown person, even a professional doctor. And that’s why you should use the internet to your advantage.

There are countless articles with step-by-step guides on dealing with any issue, from basic psychological tricks to calm yourself down to simple but effective algorithms for solving any homework tasks. Moreover, there are many valuable platforms to help you out with homework.

Use them to the fullest so that study sessions are no more exhausting torture but merely an uncomplicated routine.

6. Meditate

All of us have heard the word “meditation” at least once. Yet, surprisingly, not many people realize how important and healthy it can be.

Meditation is free, can be done at almost any place, and only depends on your sensation of breathing. How does it work? Just make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, and focus on breathing at a slow, chill pace.

Repeat it for at least 15 minutes every day. Your blood pressure will lower, and your immune system will become stronger. Besides, your mind will clear, and any mundane tasks will no longer be a problem.

7. Take a Bath

Talking about meditation, taking a bath works similarly. Though, it provides you with a much more comforting feeling. Nobody can resist spending a few hours in a hot bath after a long workday. It’s not just a way of washing yourself but an escape in both mental and physical ways. Especially considering that it’s good for your health, as it triggers the release of endorphins, deeply cleans the skin, and increases lung capacity and oxygen intake.

8. Sleep Enough

One of the most common causes of stress among students is the lack of sleep. Everyone is overloaded with chores, but it’s not an excuse to underestimate the importance of sleep. Trading a few hours of it for a few hours of work isn’t a good idea. For some reason, students always consider the lack of sleep a consequence of stress. But it’s often the other way round, as fatigue, lack of willpower, and motivation are caused by the lack of sleep.

Furry Friend

Your body needs to rest, as does your mind. You can’t expect to be fully functional and ready for work if the organism physically doesn’t have enough energy. Just allocate enough time for sleeping, and you’ll see the result immediately.

9. Hang Out With Friends

Don’t hesitate to dedicate some time to hanging out with your friends. We’re very social creatures, and a big part of our mental health depends on interaction and communication with other humans.

Have fun together, and visit the places you’ve always wanted to. Or maybe have a deep conversation?

It’s never wrong to share your problems with the ones you consider friends. They will not only cheer you up but also help with finding the solution for anything.

At the end of the day, isn’t friendship about supporting each other?

College Friends

10. Treat Yourself

Studying hard is good, but what is it all for if you’re not getting a reward? Let’s use this simple psychological trick – go ahead and find a decent payment for your effort. It can even be as simple as a chocolate bar. Something that you’re ready to spend some time on.

The feeling of accomplishment and happiness from the reward is a great way to boost your mood. It also helps you understand yourself better as well as increases motivation. After all, what are all your efforts worth if the result doesn’t bring your inner satisfaction?

Final Words

Like any other process, studying isn’t easy, Yet it doesn’t mean that you need to suffer from overload and stress continuously. It’s just that most of us forget about our health and comfort, which are the most critical aspects of one’s well-being. Never forget that you’re only human, and your body and mind need a rest every once in a while.

Use these simple tips to help you enjoy your time in college more. Don’t forget; only you know what is better for yourself. So keep exploring your mind and find what de-stresses you the most!

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Jacob Haliman
Jacob Haliman
Jacob Haliman is a professional tutor and writing consultant at EssayWritingService.com. He’s an expert in psychology who loves to help young people overcome all their personal issues.
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