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About Leaders is always interested in original, never-before-published articles on all facets of leadership.

Contributing articles for the About Leader community gets your expertise in front of hundreds of thousands of leaders from around the globe. As a result, our blog contributors enjoy enormous exposure.

About Leader’s goal is to publish well-researched and written articles with unique information that answers questions leaders are actually typing into search engines.

Your Part in Achieving This Goal Is:

Research your topic to fine-tune the question or “How-To” that your article will answer.  Utilize the article resource links at the bottom of this email.

     • Contributors are encouraged to contact About Leaders
 to pitch article ideas and keywords.

Use a keyword research tool to find the most searched for keywords that fit your article headline and topic.

     • How many monthly searches are there for your article/title

     • Do you need to tweak your title for better search results?

Google your proposed article title to see the search results. Now that you’ve seen the competition, what will it take to ensure your article ranks #1, so leaders will find and read it?

     • How many words are in each of the top 4 articles? Use this
       word count checker

     • How many words will your article need to beat the   
       competition? Fact: The average blog post that ranks on page 1
       of Google contains 2200 words.

Create your best effort article with engaging visuals… an article that leaders want to read. Fact: Visuals make a huge difference in search results ranking.

     • What type and how many visuals are needed?

     • Images

     • Videos

     • Infographics

     • Charts & Graphs

     • Statistics

     • Tables

     • Quotes

     • Bold Text

     • Bullet & Numbered Lists

Article Checklist:

Contains a minimum of 1500 words (2500-3500 words to rank #1 for highly competitive keywords).

Provides unique, original, helpful, and valuable information

Never before published

Short informative paragraphs

Subheadings with no more than 1-3 words – at least two subheads should contain the article keywords.

Contains several visual elements that enhance reader scanning

Submitting Your Article

After finishing your article, submit it using our Article Submission Form.

IMPORTANT: We only accept articles submitted using our Article Submission Form.

Your submission must include:

      • Article in .doc or .docx format
      • Author’s bio
      • Authors’ head shot photo
      • Author’s social media URLs

When we receive your submission, we’ll verify your social media account(s) and run spelling, grammar, and plagiarism checks. When the review is complete, your post will be scheduled for publication. 

Free Resources for Creating Great Articles

Here are resources to use for; article research, how to win Google snippets, selecting keywords, adding image elements, and earning page one search ranking.

Link to Your Website or Product

Guest Contributors may add a link to their website and social media accounts in the Author Bio that’s published with their article for additional exposure. After the new, original article is published on About Leaders, contributors may publish the article on other sites as well.

Many of our contributors put links to their articles published on About Leaders on their CVs and resumes to showcase their experience, initiative, and insight.

Become More Visible

Contributors to About Leaders gain exposure to:

    • A possible audience for their products and services via their author bio
    • Employers, employees and peers
    • Head Hunters looking for their expertise
    • Companies with job opportunities

It’s Easy to Get Started

    1. Read some of our Latest Articles for examples
    2. Review the Blog Guidelines
    3. Contact About Leaders Support to pitch article ideas and
    4. Submit your article through the Article Submission Form.

Thanks for making a difference!

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