It has been the “accidental teachers” in my life that has passed on some of the most transformative lessons. The education they’ve given me has been invaluable, not just in terms of the leadership lessons they’ve taught but in the realization that much of our leadership comes when we play the role of accidental teachers.

Accidental Teachers: Don’t All Books Have Stories?

As a leader in the business world, you’ve worked hard to get to where you are. Your colleagues and professional contacts know your track record for results. But does the rest of the world? When you meet someone new, whether they may be a potential client or collaborator, does your reputation precede you? No matter

Publishing a Book Helps Leaders Build Credibility

Here is some irony: You need self-discipline to build discipline. It is like a muscle. If you were to have no muscle, there would be nothing to build upon. If you have bigger muscles, then you can build them faster. Similarly, if you already have discipline, you can become very self-disciplined. “I have a book

How to Build Self-Discipline

What exactly is a Code of Conduct, and how do we abide by it and emerge as a trusted leaders?  A Code of Conduct is about authenticity and not a corporate document or mission statement that is stuffed away in the HR packet you get when first hired. A Code of Conduct is really an

Leaders Code of Conduct

I’m a procrastinator. Please help! How to manage your time? That’s easy. Just don’t procrastinate! Whenever someone says that to me, I feel like clapping them on the back and saying, “Thank you so much! You just solved all my problems. I will never procrastinate again!” If only it were that simple! The reality is, that there

The Procrastinator Guide to Time Management

What would Earth be without the qualities of a servant leader? Not the self-centered and self-serving kind of leadership, but radical leadership where one is willing to die for what they stand for. Now that’s servant leadership. A perfect example of a servant leader is Nelson Mandela, a man who fought along with others against

9 Qualities of a Servant Leader

The soft skills of leaders are such an important part of being a successful leader. But they’re also very hard to pin down. Everyone knows when someone has them, and everyone can tell when they’re lacking. The difficulty lies in the fact they can’t be quantified like hard skills can be. To learn more about

11 Soft Skills of Leaders

Are you fully satisfied with the growing uncivil culture magnified through movies, TV programs and society in general?

How does it affect your leadership, more specifically your “serving the needs of others” nature, which your behaviors broadcasts to those with whom you interact?

What is Servant Leadership? 7 Leadership Ideals

Transparency in business is one of the most important signs of a good leader. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are liked, but there is a willingness to accept the leader’s authority and to help pursue organizational goals. General respect for someone in charge speaks volumes about their character and leadership skills. An important factor that

Maintaining Transparency In Business

There is a common assumption that successful leaders achieve their success through working long hours, often sacrificing sleep. In other words, going to sleep late and working hard equates to success, right? This is a wrong assumption that you might be holding on to. There is a big relationship between regular sleep and effective leadership.

Sleep – The Skill All Leaders Need to Master

One non-negotiable thing is that anyone in a leadership position needs good negotiation skills. Whether it’s negotiating an employee’s salary or the terms of a critical business partnership, you must be confident in your negotiation strategies as a leader. Having sound negotiation techniques in your skillset can help you navigate challenging business situations. Here are

6 Negotiation Skills All Great Leaders Have

‘I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.’ – Nelson Mandela. From realizing your greatest weaknesses to tackling indefinite risks that would change the course of your life, you need courage.

Courage Defines True Leadership