With the whirlwind of annual personal assessments, many human resources are working to close out their team performance assessment and plan for what’s next. So much has changed over the past year. As our relationship with technology evolves, emerging tech like AI (Artificial Intelligence) can help human resource managers in such a way that empowers

10 Areas AI Impacts Performance Management  Practices

Non-monetary incentives and performance-based pay incentives are the most effective ways to drive higher motivation and productivity in a team. However, non-monetary incentives have benefits that financial ones don’t. For a start, they are more direct. The recognition itself is the reward, ensuring that the focus stays on the employee’s achievements. This gives them a

6 Non-Monetary Incentives for Remote Employees That Work

Your strategy for business is the foundation for a safe and productive company. Employees may come and go, but your strategy for business endures throughout the life of a company. Incorporating work procedures into your business strategy doesn’t just help onboard new employees. They also ensure that the company produces quality results for its customers

Incorporating Work Procedures into Your Strategy for Business

Imagine a workplace where employee disengagement is a thing of the past and the environment is mutual trust and respect, and creative energies engage everyone in a shared purpose. This is a place where both people and ideas are valued, and where all do their best and collaborate to contribute, optimize and improve. But now

Employee Disengagement Destroys Productivity

An employee satisfaction survey provides leaders with up-to-the-minute information about the state of employee morale. The survey results allow leaders to make adjustments in how they interact with employees. One thing is for certain, leaders must inspire trust and capability through their business decisions and their behavior. A leader is supposed to check complex reports,

Ingredients for the Perfect Employee Satisfaction Survey

When we think of excellence in business or what is known as Best in Class, what is it that drives such a company? Quite often it is as simple as being excellent at customer service. We have all seen companies that are terrible at customer service. It isn’t that these organizations think the customer isn’t

Can Customer Service Move a Company from Good to Great?

Artificial Intelligence… Be it the Demi-Gods of mythologies or the Super-Hero of marvel comics. It is indeed technological expertise that made them who they are! Leaders have more authority than the other employees and are technically accomplished beyond the bar of average intelligence. That’s a forte that defines the strength of your company’s backbone, and

How Artificial Intelligence Will Reframe Leadership

Ofer Tirosh is the founder and the CEO of Tomedes, a translation company based in Tel Aviv. Tomedes maintains offices in several countries and has built a system for managing members of their team who work in different locations. This makes Tomedes well-positioned and provides a unique insight into how to lead a remote workforce

How to Build an International Translation Company

Workplace culture is the name of the game. For the past year, we’ve heard a lot about how to keep your workplace culture strong—remotely. Now, as companies welcome employees back to the workplace, they face a new learning curve: keeping productivity strong in a post-COVID-19 world that has dramatically changed views on productivity and how

7 Ways to Create a Productive Workplace Culture

There are thousands of digital marketing agencies. Do you run one of them? Are you having difficulty attracting new clients and boosting your bottom line? The goal of a digital marketing agency is to help other businesses grow – but that doesn’t mean we should lose sight of our own goals. It doesn’t take a

How to Manage a Digital Marketing Agency for Growth

Leading change can be touchy and difficult. How often have you felt the pressure from peers, whether implicitly or explicitly, to downplay an idea that might lead to positive change? If it happens to you often, the organizational culture around you may lean against change.  In fact, I have written on fundamental tendencies in human

Leading Change in an Anti-Change Culture

A clean and healthy environment for your home is something to be expected. However, in a workplace, nobody thinks much about a clean environment. Unless the workplace isn’t clean, nobody ever thinks about the impact of a clean working environment on people. Whether you hire a commercial cleaning service or have in-house staff doing the

6 Reasons a Clean Workplace Environment Helps Productivity