Ingredients for the Perfect Employee Satisfaction Survey

By Graham Rand

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An employee satisfaction survey provides leaders with up-to-the-minute information about the state of employee morale. The survey results allow leaders to make adjustments in how they interact with employees. One thing is for certain; leaders must inspire trust and capability through their business decisions and their behavior.

A leader is supposed to check complex reports, handle difficult situations, maintain a quality professional culture, and lead the company to growth and success.

When your vision gets blurred by too many key performance indicators, financial statements, training, flow charts, and ROI calculations, you will most likely lose sight of the bigger picture. So you need to push the reset button. This means that you need to take measure the pulse of your team and know where you stand. Numbers can measure results, but your employees can give you insight before decisions are made.

A great way to do this is to have an employee satisfaction survey.

Employee Satisfaction Survey Benefits

An apple can look good on the outside but be rotten on the inside. Similarly, even though your staff is performing better now than they were a few years ago, their quality and amount of content may not be satisfactory.

In the long term, this situation can cost the company a lot.

Here are four reasons to create an employee satisfaction survey:

1. Management Development

The management has the power to make changes for a greater plan in the future. At the time, it may seem like a good investment. However, these new directions might not function as well as intended. The tension between management and employee can often be dealt with through training and open dialogue. With the survey, leaders need to find out if such tension is there in the first place.

2. Team Development

A well-rounded team will have a positive impact. Collaboration, proper communication skills, empathy, and understanding of the working culture are key elements of the perfect workplace.

A simple employee satisfaction survey can inform you of the current status of your team and what improvements are needed for better performance.

3. Career Training

A company is the faithful mirror of its employees. If they are content with the same routine, the business stagnates. Use the survey to understand what other skills your team needs to get better at what they do.

Investing time and resources in your people means investing in your business.

4. Additional Programs

A leader should be aware of the well-being of their employees, even outside the workplace. What if their efficiency can receive an improvement if you add some basic benefits programs? Sometimes, some employees need the assurance that their kids are safe at the company’s new kindergarten. Others just need an active lifestyle to support their high intellectual efforts.

Ingredients for the Perfect Employee Satisfaction Survey

It may seem like an easy task to write down some questions that revolve around a certain topic. However, a survey is beyond asking the right questions. It is also about ensuring your employees are motivated to participate and feel safe to provide answers to delicate questions.

Here are four tips to ensure the best outcome:

1. Make An Announcement About the Survey

Let your team know about the upcoming employee satisfaction survey to be transparent and trustworthy. Otherwise, you might create unnecessary concerns and suspicions.

2. Ensure Anonymity in the Survey

As useful as a survey can be, it could also become damaging. It is more than likely that a business has some kind of tension between management and employees. The last thing a leader wants is to broaden this gap even further when the goal is to close it.

3. Make the Results Public

A pie chart can be a good example of how you can display the results of the survey to your employees in a visual way. Nothing should be left aside. Negative feedback is necessary as it will provide necessary lessons about mistakes

4. Act on the Results

Once you finish analyzing the employee satisfaction survey results, you should also act on them. Maybe the core of your company is powerful, but the survey clearly highlights a lack of communication between departments.

Come up with a list of solutions and implement them when possible. Some companies see a productivity boost when managers organize one on one meetings with employees.

There are many important aspects of an efficient employee satisfaction survey. The moment you open the door to two-way communication, you ensure a stronger organization that works better as a whole than individually.

So, are you ready for your reset button?

Have You Completed an Employee Satisfaction Survey?

If you have ideas about employee satisfaction surveys that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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