Leading with Lollipops and Making a Difference

By Ron Whitaker

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There is a great video by Drew Dudley called Leading with Lollipops that quickly and expertly explains how you can make a difference in other people’s lives without even knowing it.

You’ll also get to feel the rush, through Drew, of how it feels to learn about making a difference in someone else’s life. Drew illustrates how the smallest, most insignificant action can cause significant reactions in others.

So, sit back and check out this short video.

YouTube video

I hope you enjoyed Drew’s video as much as I did. Drew and I think alike about leadership and making a difference – and he explains it well.

How did you answer the questions Drew asked in this video?

  • Are you completely comfortable with calling yourself a leader?
  • Do you have to change the world to be called a leader?
  • What is it that you must do, be, or have to be called a leader?

My Question is: Who is a Leader?

Everyone! And that’s my final answer.

Why do I say everyone is a leader? Because each of us influences/leads people every day. Our actions impact/lead other people, whether we think so or not. Our actions affect the people around us for better or worse. Just by being you, you are leading someone by example.

Of course, there are those that disagree. The old-school thinking is you have to be a manager to be a leader. (Does being a parent classify as being a manager?) The other extreme is if everyone is a leader, then pets, trees, and shrubs, minerals, etc., are all leaders too. (Yes, I actually received that comment recently.)

What is Your Lollipop Moment?

Everyone’s had a lollipop moment. Three or four come to my mind right now. The lollipop moments that I am thinking of are similar to what Drew experienced. The people involved never knew their impact on me. Unless I make an effort to tell them what they did for me and how much it meant to me, they’ll never know.

Pay It Forward

I am going to follow Drew’s advice and pay it forward. Will you join me? Over the next few weeks, I’ll communicate some of my lollipop moments in my About Leaders column.

Your story doesn’t have to be fancy or long – it just needs to convey how someone influenced you (his or her actions) and how this made a difference in your life (your actions). A little background info like where you met, how long ago, etc., would be good too.

How Are You Leading With Lollipops?

If you have ideas that you feel like sharing that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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Ron Whitaker
Ron Whitaker
Ron is an accomplished entrepreneur involved in developing multiple businesses from the ground up. He is the co-founder of About Leaders, an author, a start-up consultant, and investor. Follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
  • Baron Bruno says:


    Thanks for sharing this fabulous TED Talk. I found great value in this. I’ve spent my life trying to create ‘lollipop moments’ for people around me. I think it is so wonderful when relative strangers can interact with sincerity and kindness. With more people engrossed in their smartphones, iPads and laptops, it is becoming a dying art.

    This clip reinforces the magnitude that each and every one of us has on the people and environment around us.

    Little things do indeed go a long way. As leaders, we know that the ripple effect of our actions can have profound impact.

    Thanks again.


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