Build A Brand Based On Your Leadership Style

By Angela Johnson

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Why Should You Build A Brand Based On Your Leadership Style?

Do you think you have what it takes to be a “leader?”

Research shows with quite a bit of certainty, great leaders are made, not born. It’s all about having the passion and will to do what it takes to make yourself a leader.

Let’s think about the definition of leadership before we go any further. Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish objectives and directs the organization to make it more cohesive and coherent.

So, what image does that conjure up? The average person thinks of this charismatic wizard up on stage talking to tens of thousands, even millions of people. But, unfortunately, that’s not always the case. You can be a leader to a group of 100,000 followers or simply to your single child that looks up to you as their wise parental figure.

We often talk about leadership and the importance of honing your leadership skills, but part of that is building your brand, either a personal brand or a company brand. If you intend to build a large following or attract and lead top talent in the marketplace, you’re going to need a solid brand; no question about it.

Think about your past and current business or career. Are you struggling to build your brand and show your niche, which you and your business are?

Think about your past and current business or career. Are you struggling to build your brand and show your niche, which you and your business are? Have you wondered why you cannot convert potential clients or convince your future boss that you deserve a job at an interview?

Are you finding it difficult to portray the correct “image” and just get overwhelmed at where to start? Well, you’re not alone in wondering where to begin. I’ve been there just like you, along with many more before and after us!

But before you think about building your leadership brand, you have to understand what your business stands for. A brand is a powerful tool that can engage your audience, build their trust and create credibility in the marketplace. Once you understand your reason for building your business, you can begin to brand yourself as a market leader and start gaining the presence you need to succeed.

Think about Apple as a brand. In your opinion, what do they represent; fancy phones, music players, and computers with great graphics? You might think that, but Apple believes that everything they do should challenge the status quo. As a company, Apple transfers that inspirational leadership and passion to its people and products.

Or let’s take a look at a minor example. A simple essay writing service presents itself as a brand to help with research papers and as a source that offers full support to provide quality results in the needed format.

So, why build up your brand from a leadership perspective? Here are three good reasons to think about (even though there are dozens more.

Create Trust

Consumers don’t even look at it; they buy it because it’s Apple! So, while large corporations seem to have an endless supply of funding, that doesn’t mean you can’t build up your brand without breaking the bank.

With social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, you can demonstrate to people the actual leadership skills you’ve ascertained over the years by getting involved in conversations and building relationships. Those trusting relationships are what will drive potential clients or customers to trust your brand and allow you to influence their decision to follow you, not someone else.

Leaders who learn the skills to leverage the influence of their networks will achieve a much greater level of success and be seen as top leaders in their niche; it’s that simple.

Attract Your Ideal Client

If you’re an employee, you’ll get your superiors to see what leadership skills you bring to the organization, thus helping you get promoted. A strong branded message will attract that preferred client base, and you’ll be better off for it.

Create “Barriers to Entry” in Your Niche

Your competitors can try all they want to duplicate your brand and leadership style, but your strong brand will make that incredibly difficult. You effectively put up barriers to entry by building a solid brand because competitors will have to convince potential clients that they should be trusted instead of you.

Powerful branding will make that an uphill battle for the competition if your brand displays who “you” indeed are and what you stand for, rather than just a fancy logo. That being said, be sure you emphasize what makes you unique and keep that in all your messaging to your audience.

Be consistent and transparent in your message, and your audience will understand that you are more than just a name or picture.

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Angela Johnson
Angela Johnson
Angela Johnson, an author at Essay Map, has a lifestyle full of adventure. She writes full-time – part-time for the student writing service and part-time on fiction stories. Having the heart of an explorer, she loves to travel, experience new horizons, and expand her knowledge on different topics.
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