7 Exercises for Team Building

By Thomas Glare

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Using Seventhese exercises for team building to help your team works together efficiently is fast and easy.

Using team-building exercises will unlock team potential, increase productivity, and get the best from employees. Businesses that put time and effort into the development of their staff will see that investment pay off.

Trust exercises and problem-solving games are fantastic ways to engage team members and bring the team together. Additionally, you might find surprising qualities emerging from team members that you’ll be able to use to enhance creativity and productivity.

Here are some of the most important benefits team-building activities can generate to help your team and business reach new heights.

1. Build Trust Among Employees

Team members will lower their guard and relax when coming together to employ creativity to solve team-building activities and can engage with each other in new and meaningful ways. This is especially true when they know that their contributions won’t be judged in the same way as their usual employment duties.

They will learn to trust each other more and bring this newfound camaraderie with them when returning to their duties in the office.

2. Heighten Company Morale

Employees will find team-building exercises fun. You might choose exercises like a tug-of-war or challenge teams to come up with a device that can catch a falling egg without breaking it; the weirder and wackier the exercise, the better.

Participants can use lateral thinking skills and build problem-solving skills with people they haven’t worked with before. Such team-building exercises will boost office morale. A team that feels good working together will always be more effective and generate greater productivity.

3. Improve Communication

Team building exercises for participants to come together to find innovative solutions to unusual problems.

This will encourage your team to communicate on a novel level that they probably don’t get to enjoy when dealing with their usual office routines. This helps team members know each other better and allows people with good ideas to have their contributions recognized.

As people are allowed to stand out more over the course of team building days, they can get to know the kinds of people they sit next to every day. Team members who understand each other will communicate better, and improved communication can go a long way toward reducing the likelihood of personal conflicts developing in the office.

Team Building Exercises

4. Identify Leadership Talents

When you bring a random group of people together for a team-building activity, you will slowly but surely see different personality traits rise to the top. Staff will challenge themselves and each other in an effort to reach a solution.

A smart team leader knows that this is the time to pay attention to the roles people naturally gravitate to. Some might emerge to take the lead for the group during the team-building exercise. Others may contribute as coaches or pacesetters.

Use this opportunity to see people exhibit their natural strengths and help identify tomorrow’s business leaders today.

5. Discover Strengths and Weaknesses

When people stick to their regular office routines, most of them stay well within a professional comfort zone that they’ve established for themselves in the workplace. Day in and day out, these activity patterns don’t always paint a clear picture of what someone is truly capable of.

With team-building exercises, you can evaluate employees on their core competencies and discover the respects in which someone could be a particular asset. This might include problem-solving, influencing, competitiveness, or setting goals.

You need to be ready to pick up on indicators when someone might display untapped potential in a team-building challenge. Conversely, you also want to be on the lookout for someone displaying shortcomings in a particular competency so that you can keep them in roles that cater more to their strengths.

6. Encourage creativity

A seemingly innocuous team game like a raft-building exercise will encourage employees to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to putting together a vessel that will stay afloat in water.

Staff will enjoy thinking laterally in a way that their regular routines might not encourage. Furthermore, they can use this novel approach to problem-solving when they return to their professional activities.

Fresh ways of thinking help a team blow out the cobwebs and will improve the way they approach their work.

Fresh ways of thinking help a team blow out the cobwebs and will improve the way they approach their work.

7. Increase Responsibility

Team building activities encourage people to become team players.

People won’t want to let their other colleagues down, and in any case, it soon becomes self-evident when one team member isn’t contributing. Sure, you don’t want staff to feel uncomfortable doing something they don’t want to do. But more often than not, you’ll find people will be ready and willing to help contribute to completing a task.

When people find that they’re comfortable stepping up to the plate in team-building exercises, don’t be surprised if they’re more eager to take responsibility for extra tasks once they return to their work duties.

Conclusion: Team Building Boosts Business

Some managers might see team-building days as a frivolous use of time that could otherwise be spent on doing real work. However, when it comes to people, you get out what you put in.

Allowing staff to have some fun on the job, think creatively, and get to know each other better will always reap dividends in productivity and leave you with a tightly-knit team who feels more confident in their work.

What Team Building Exercises are You Using with Your Team?

If you have ideas about team-building exercises that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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