How to Use SMS to Create an Effective Team Communication Strategy 

By Sophorn Chhay

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Internal communication is important. Today, thousands of businesses are utilizing SMS to keep goals aligned, ensure sustainability and promote a cohesive professional culture.

Providers like Textpedite have worked long and hard to drive in-house communication solutions. They’ve created a variety of solutions capable of reinventing the workplace. If your business needs digital rewiring or if your sales team could benefit from instant communication, SMS might be the answer.

Integrate Vertical Video into Your Text Plan

SMS is versatile. Vertical video advertisements are popular for a reason. And they’ve integrated into the business culture to improve in-house communication.

Many brands like AT&T, Audi, Target, and NBC have been working with vertical video ads. While primarily used for consumer engagement, the vertical video itself can easily be implemented into an SMS platform to display information quickly to a team.

Use Opt-In Options to Ensure Visibility

In the workplace, visibility is a key component. Several businesses are focusing on double opt-in SMS options to cement team responsiveness. They’re keeping store operators up to date with instantly accessible information.

When push notifications are enabled, an entire staff can be notified. Don’t settle for simply using casual text alerts. Instead, drive your team forward with immediate banner send-outs.

Cut Down Time with Mobile Payments

Mobile payments can work in-store as well. In fact, many businesses are implementing mobile payment options to bring teams together. While mobile pay primarily impacts consumers, it significantly reduces the toils of back-house processing.

If your team offers direct mobile pay options, they’ll be hooked to send financial notifications across the board.

The sales floor could use digital management. SMS is the perfect vehicle to drive consumer engagement and worker cohabitation. Today, 45 percent of consumers want secure mobile payment services.

If you can ensure a protective platform, you can ensure incredible growth.

Host a Lifestyle App

Lifestyle apps are incredible team-boosting tools. Think about it: A business connected by the use of a common tool sticks together and creates a mobile app focusing on shift management, deal rollouts, and store sector management.

Lifestyle apps benefit the user by enhancing day-to-day activities, so make sure you’re not hindering anyone’s operational performance.

More importantly, you should engage your team with a lifestyle app capable of being useful outside of the business realm. A traffic app, or even an on-site navigation app, carries significant benefits while driving communication. It can also connect to SMS to shoot out real-time alerts.

Create a Real-Time Voting System

Speaking of real-time services, real-time SMS voting systems have skyrocketed in popularity recently. Why? Because it can garner both feedback and garner data. Sure, your business team might not be in need of intensive data processing, but it can still benefit from multi-user feedback.

Numerous businesses are driving internal structure with mobile voting, and they’re reworking entire strategies to mesh with uniform votes. If your SMS platform can effectively promote user engagement with real-time voting options, it’ll be an invaluable company resource.

If an SMS strategy is a good fit for your team, you’ll know. Primarily, look for cohesion. The idea is to promote unity by creating a real-time communication environment. Understandably, team members can’t be on their phones all the time.

For this reason, instant notifications are vital. Secure a real-time plan, aim for push notifications, and align your platform with each worker’s understanding of the system at large.

How Can SMS Boost Team Communication?

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Sophorn Chhay
Sophorn Chhay
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