6 Time-Saving Apps for Business Leaders

By Kate Silverton

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For business leaders, the main focus lies in the effective management of their day-to-day activities. But this can be difficult due to time constraints.

Developers have taken advantage of this by creating some great software to help. All you need is your Macbook and a few free gigabytes (if you have problems with this, it is better to clear the other storage part). However, it may be overwhelming going through the app store trying to find the right solutions.

So what time-saving apps should you be using?

1. Freshdesk

Usually, the impact a business has depends upon how strong your customer care service is. To ease managing customer queries and concerns on all platforms, Freshdesk is the right choice.

It is a cloud-based application that integrates with all your platforms (email, social media) for customer service and combines them in a single inbox, showing each query as a ticket. This way, you can manage and reply to these tickets, either individually or as a team by assigning these tickets to other people.

2. Otonomic

In this tech-savvy world, having an impressive and catchy online presence ensures major success for your business. With this in mind, Otonomic is a wonderful tool that works on your Facebook page.

It creates a smart business website that gets automatically updated whenever you update your Facebook page’s content. An additional advantage of this app lies in its ability to add customer feedback on your website, collected from your Facebook page and SEO.

3. Buffer

Tired of managing your social media? Well, Buffer is your ever-ready personal assistant for this purpose. It is a unique application that integrates with all your social media accounts and helps you update all of them together.


What you merely need to do is to paste the content of your post in it; it will automatically share it on all platforms instantly. Besides having a user-friendly interface and automation, other advantages of this tool are the analytics that it provides and the optimizer to calculate the peak hours for every post by analyzing user activity.

4. Flint

At times, you may be in dire need of money transactions but are unable to because you couldn’t scan your card. To avoid these chaotic situations, Flint is developed as an instant solution.

You need to scan your card, send a mobile invoice, and then you are done with the payments. It also tracks transaction history and other related user data on your phone.

5. Bloomforth

Worried about managing your inventory? Finding it difficult to keep a sales record? Bloomforth is a cloud-based management system specifically designed for small-scale businesses.

It keeps a record of point-of-sale, appointment booking, and sending email newsletters to consumers, making inventory management much easier and simpler for all entrepreneurs.

6. Google Drive

When it comes to secure storage and easy access to your data, Google Drive is certainly a great option. With a good amount of storage available, this application not only allows storage of all your data, including images, videos, and documents but also enables you to access your data when and where needed.

The list of handy tech tools goes on, but a few of the most efficient ones have been briefly described here to help you in your professional working environment.

What Time-Saving Apps Do You Use?

If you have ideas that you feel like sharing that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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Kate Silverton
Kate Silverton
Kate Silverton is a professional speaker and writer who writing on self-development niche with having over 4 year experience. She is also providing dissertation help UK to improve student’s academy writing skills and their grades with extensive her knowledge.
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