A businessman who doesn’t rely on technology cannot achieve his full capacity. From proven apps to revolutionary online tools, you have an endless choice of productivity boosters.

Of course, you don’t have the luxury of spending too much time experimenting with different tools and apps until you find the right ones. That’s why the following list will serve you well for your productivity!

1. GoodReader

This is an app for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. It enables you to read virtually any file on your portable device. You know how frustrating it is when you can’t access PDF files through your phone, so you have to wait until you get to your laptop. GoodReader will save you in such situations. It gets better: you can add sticky notes, text boxes, highlights, annotations, and drawings to the files you access.

2. NinjaEssays

Your potential business partners and customers wouldn’t appreciate you if you wrote a text full of errors. If you don’t have what it takes to write awesome content, you won’t build a strong online presence and you’ll waste the potential of the Internet audience. Don’t make that mistake; delegate writing projects to the professional authors and editors at NinjaEssays.

3. Slack

This is an awesome messaging app for teams. Instead of sifting through endless email messages, you can organize a chat room and tag the users you want to communicate with. You can create multiple channels for your team projects, and you’ll stay aware of the progress thanks to the desktop notifications you’ll be getting.

4. Plagiarism Checker

You cannot sacrifice the reputation of your business by producing and publishing plagiarized content. Make sure to run any piece of text through PlagTracker – a free online tool that returns a detailed plagiarism report for your content. When you notice that you’ve missed referencing some of the sources, make sure to fix the issues before forwarding or publishing the content.

5. Quip

When you need a good word processing app for your iOS devices, Quip is the one you should try! The software comes with messaging that enables you to collaborate with your team on the documents, spreadsheets, and presentations you create. Quip is great for creating blog posts and managing projects.

6. Evernote

You have probably created an Evernote account, but have you turned it into your digital notebook? This almighty tool enables you to note down any thought you want to remember. In addition to notes, you can also store to-do lists, PDF files, audio clips, web pages, and photos. The ability to search through your notebook makes Evernote the most convenient tool you’ll ever use.

7. Dropbox

When you install Dropbox on your computer, smartphone or tablet, it will act as a virtual folder you can drop anything into. Just put the files into your Dropbox and you’ll be able to access them from any device. You can also share any of the stored content with chosen users.


Are you a fan of pencil-on-paper notes? There is nothing wrong with being old-fashioned, but you can’t carry a notebook everywhere around. Install NotesPlus on your tablet; the app’s vector-based system enables you to take handwritten notes with ease

9. Clear

When you create to-do lists on a daily basis, you need an app that makes the task easy for you. You can drag the entries to reorganize the list whenever such actions are necessary. When you’re done with a certain task, you can clear it by swiping right.

10. Day One

If you don’t keep track of your daily events, you’ll easily forget important things. Day One will prevent that from happening.

This micro-journaling app enables you to write any thought and accompany it with a nice picture. You can set the app to record the location and weather conditions. When you’re proud of a particular entry, you can share it on Facebook.

There you have it: a list of 10 awesome tools that will turn you into a more productive businessman.

Start using them today and you’ll immediately notice the difference!

How Do You Improve Your Productivity?

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