5 Reasons Why Great Bosses Celebrate Small Wins Big Time

By Heidi Finigan

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Good business management requires many different skills and attributes. Besides strategizing and directing a company toward its vision, truly great bosses will inspire and motivate their employees to be the best that they can be.

This way, they get the most out of their staff and create the right environment for productivity and success.

Motivation is a subject of some contention. The worst bosses presume that the monetary reward of a salary should be enough to keep their employees engaged and devoted to the task at hand.

The reality of motivation is much more complex.

Employees working on more complicated, creative tasks require a sense of purpose in what they’re doing, and that’s where good management comes in.

There are lots of ways bosses can work to motivate their team. Incentives, perks, and freedom to explore new ideas are all things to consider.

However, one of the easiest ways to boost motivation is by celebrating small wins big time. In doing so, you can promote greater productivity and dedication and move your team ever closer to that big win further along the road.

Here are five reasons why great bosses celebrate those small victories:

1. Refocuses a Team on Their Overall Goal

Celebrating small victories reminds your staff about what they’re working towards. Working with a sense of purpose is important to motivation.

When you’re caught up with the daily grind, that purpose can get lost and forgotten.

It’s good to remind your team that each small task completed contributes to the overall goal. Highlighting progress and successes is the perfect way to do this.

2. Gives Variety to the Working Week

Working on the same task week in, and week out, with little to distinguish between one week and the next, can be disheartening.

Variety is the spice of life, so they say, and it can certainly play a positive role in the workplace.

Giving your team a break from the norm with a small celebration of a small success can actually see their productivity and creativity rise when they return to their desks.

3. Brings the Team Together

When everyone is working away on their own little part of a particular project, your team can end up feeling fragmented.

A celebration, no matter how small, is a great way to bring everyone together in a positive and less formal setting. This makes it more likely that team members will call on each other for support throughout the course of their work.

4. Helps To Create an Engaged Work Culture

An engaged and open work culture has been shown to lower rates of absenteeism, boost productivity, and improve profits.

A work culture of this nature is based on flexibility, transparency, and worker engagement. Regularly highlighting successes involves your team in the overall direction of the company.

It also makes you, as their boss and leader, more accessible and approachable, which means any new ideas or concerns can be raised with you and acted upon quickly.

5. Allows You to Give Praise and Recognition

Employees thrive when they are given recognition for the work they do. Studies have shown that being praised releases dopamine into the brain, reinforcing the value of the work-praise cycle and making your staff feel good.

If you wait until the end of a six-month-long project to dish out praise, your team will go a long time without any official appreciation for the work they do.

Giving regular praise will boost your team’s commitment to their work and their dopamine levels.


Keeping your team motivated is one of the most important roles you play as a boss.

Managing morale and facilitating employee engagement is key to creating a productive and happy team.

By getting your team to pat themselves on the back for the smaller wins they experience, you’re helping guide everyone towards the future big wins on which your company’s success relies.

How Do You Celebrate Small Wins?

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Heidi Finigan
Heidi Finigan
Heidi Finigan is a careers blogger and a techie who enjoys trying out new technologies and gadgets, both in business and for entertainment. Currently, Heidi is also a part of the team behind VPN Compass, where she might be found sharing her tips and tricks online with other experts.
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