The Game Of Life Rules — Five Winning Outcomes

By Dr. Mary Kay

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The game of life rules provide a key and immediate benefit—one that many people do not realize—is that increasing your leadership skills will help you win. And I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like to win! It doesn’t matter what you do for a living – if you exude leadership qualities, you will outperform others.

I’ve seen evidence of this working in many different industries and many different-sized organizations with a variety of strategic visions, missions, and objectives. There is one thing they all have in common: They need people to get results.

When you can control the way you interact with people, the size of your company doesn’t matter. Nor does it matter if you work at a highly technical manufacturing organization or a professional services firm.

All people in the workplace have common needs. They want to go to work, do their jobs, and make a difference. They don’t want to be involved with all of the “people problems” and drama that plague too many organizations.

Five Outcomes of Winning at Leadership

With proper use of your leadership skills and talents, you will excel and achieve the following:

1. Attract and retain quality people.

People are attracted to great leaders. They want to follow someone they believe in and someone who believes in them. The Leader provides such a positive and powerful influence, which allows people to flourish. As a result, the best in the business want to work for him or her.

2. Get more done with fewer people.

When you have a quality team, you’ll find that it doesn’t need to be massive. A few talented people are all it takes. Leaders build teams that can multitask, who can manage themselves, and take the initiative to get jobs done. This is so that the leader may concentrate on the big picture.

3. Achieve performance expectations.

Great leaders accomplish goals and exceed what others expect of them. Because of their honesty and candor in their daily interactions with others, people know they can count on their leader and reward them accordingly.

4. Develop leadership teams.

A big part of being a great leader is trusting others enough to handle priorities. Effective leaders know they can’t do it all. Instead, they trust their managers, supervisors, and teams within the department to spearhead different projects and areas or work with customers.

They know that the only way to win is to put those future leaders in training in charge. Now, the leader is free to focus on leadership development instead of getting caught up in day-to-day dealings.

5. Establish a connection with customers.

Leaders understand that internal and external customers are the lifeblood of the company, and that unhappy customers are a big drain on profits.

Great leaders strive to keep all customers satisfied (especially the internal ones!) and succeed because of the organizational culture they have created within the workforce.

What are Your Game of Life Rules?

If you have ideas about the game of life rules that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comment.

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Dr. Mary Kay
Dr. Mary Kay is a business leadership strategist, executive coach, trainer, author, and co-founder of the About Leaders community. She’s consulted with hundreds of companies and trained thousands of leaders. Her Ultimate Leader Success course helps managers become more confident, decisive leaders. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Stephen B. Carman says:

    Dr. Whitaker,

    Thanks for the article….and who says leadership is not about people. Nice reminder of the interdependence leaders have as they work with and through others.

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