3 Ways a Leader Can Attract More Abundance into their Life

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“Let go of anything that is toxic to your progression.” – Sonya Teclai

My Mom was a raging alcoholic for most of my life, and if I ever spoke up for myself in front of her, I would immediately be shut down. This left me with a feeling of worthlessness. This led me to realize that I was not enough. This eradicated my self-confidence and self-worth.

Throughout high school, I was the shy kid that never knew how to speak up for himself. I was trapped in my mind due to my childhood conditioning.

This immense amount of pain then lead me to developing a very driven mindset, focused on getting through this pain and into a more confident, self-fulfilled state of mind. I was very determined.

I’ve read countless self-help books such as The Power of Now, The Way of the Superior Man, No More Mr. Nice Guy, and I have attended several life coach and self-confidence building seminars. It’s important to realize as humans, we are extremely sensitive creatures. We tend to absorb energy from our environment like sponges. It is essential to be very careful of who and what we let into our lives. 

I love to consistently challenge myself and put myself into scary or unknown situations. This leads me to making mistakes, and then learning and growing from them.

Here are several different approaches that I personally use on a daily basis in order to attract enormous amounts of abundant energy into my own life:

1. Consistently Face Your Fears

Think about your greatest fear and how it’s holding you back in some way. What are some small steps you can take in order to eventually, fully overcome this self-conceptualized anxiety? 

With this approach, it’s important to not overwhelm yourself with the big picture thoughts so early on. It’s essential to consistently take baby steps towards the big goal, and overtime these small successes compound into extraordinary results. 

I’ve had a past of extreme social anxiety, and I strive to become a socially savvy genius. I want to be able to approach people without self-doubt or hesitation to have a successful and friendly interaction. 

To get to that level of social confidence, I’m currently taking small action steps including:

  •  Starting a book club where I am the leader and I can direct the group in the way I desire to. Whether or not I’m ready for this level of power, I’ve thrown myself into the situation, and I’m now growing into it.
  • Approaching interesting looking individuals in public and striking up casual conversation.
  • Progressively pushing social standards by steadily escalating the level of weird or unique topics that are brought up.

In my experience, putting your genuine self out there leads to a high degree of gained self-confidence.

You become more comfortable and confident in your own skin, whether you’re alone or with a group of people.

2. Be Aware of Who You Spend Time With

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

I’ve noticed when I spend time with people who tend to reminisce on past negative events, complain often, or abuse substances, their energy brings me down to their level. On the other hand, when I spend time with friends that are on the up and up in life, challenging themselves, and focusing on their health and happiness, I then absorb that type of energy into my own life, leaving me feeling more positive and uplifted.

3. Learn To Fill Your Own Cup First

“The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.” – Barbara Streisand

From years of observing myself and others, I’ve learned that the most attractive people are also the least needy. They are fulfilled and ask for nothing in return. 

I’ve noticed during times when I’m fueled off of a self-generated supply of happiness, people give me a lot of positive feedback, and are that much more attracted towards me.

On the other side of the spectrum, when I’m coming from a space of neediness and scarcity, people actually tend to resent, avoid and shy away from me.

What Techniques Do You Use To Attract More Abundance in Your Life?

If you have ideas that you feel like sharing that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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