How to Use Writing Skills to Get a Promotion

By Paula Green

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Is there a simple key that will lead you to a promotion at work?

Can it be that particular skill that can advance your career?

Your writing could be that key. Writing skills are listed in numerous job descriptions as a requirement. Mastering this skill will distinguish you from the crowd of applicants and could lead you to a promotion.

Whether you are preparing a job application or performing daily duties, you will need to express yourself clearly. If you are working in a field such as real estate, journalism, marketing, or law, you will have to master writing.

The problem is that most employees do not write well, even if they have taken a writing class in college. Luckily, writing is something you can work to improve.

Scrutinize Every Piece of Writing

Today, the majority of employees are expected to create monthly or weekly written reports. Your reports should be error-free and easy to understand.

Read your reports twice and see where you have trouble understanding. Those may be the areas where you have to improve.  

Even if your job duties do not require writing reports, it is likely that you are communicating with your colleagues and management via email.

Email is no longer considered one of the “low” forms of business communication. Email communication has recently replaced business letters, which makes it essential to perform this kind of communication on the highest level.

If your goal is to give the impression that you are an intelligent employee, you will need to take the time to compose an error-free and clear letter.

Set aside time to consider what you want to communicate in the message.

Proofread it yourself, as most spell-checking programs cannot catch grammatical errors such as: “you” vs. “your” or “from” vs. “form.”

Job Application

Check Your Job Application

When you are applying for a promotion, you will want your employers to see you as a viable candidate for the position. If there are simple mistakes in your job application, it shows your boss that you will not pay attention to details in your possible future position.

Even if you are already working for the manager who is making the decision, you should take into account that you will be competing against other candidates.

A job application is not a place to show your modesty. Make sure you present yourself as a qualified candidate with a resume that displays all of the necessary skills and characteristics that your hiring manager is looking for.

Continuing Writing Education

If you understand that your writing needs improvement, there is no better decision than to take a monthly writing course at one of the local colleges in your city.

Some companies provide tuition reimbursement, so there is no harm in asking your employer(s) about potential opportunities. You can also find a personal tutor who will identify and address your areas of improvement.

How Did You Get a Promotion?

If you have ideas about how to get a promotion that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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Paula Green
Paula Green
P. Berg is a digital marketing specialist. She enjoys writing and couching people to become business leaders. Right now she works as a contributor at College Writers.
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