5 Reasons Leaders Should Use Voice Assistants

By Alice Mackenzie

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In this day and age of voice assistants, and technology continues to offer innovative solutions, voice technology is taking off. Although the existing systems barely scratch the surface of voice technology, the possibilities are endless. While the systems in place cater to this very aspect of the trade, times always change. So, leaders must learn how to adapt quickly and effectively.

With voice assistants’ current movements in various markets and trades, there is a reason why leaders should now start to utilize this innovation. If you have not yet, then these points might make you realize what you are possibly lacking.

Whether a business company or an organization, as leaders, efficiency plays an essential role in running the operation smoothly.

Voice Technology Is On The Rise, And Will Continue To Grow

Voice technology, specifically assistants, first emerged in 1962. While Apple’s Siri became the first well-known voice assistant, IBM’s Shoebox was the one who first came into town.

Shoebox, which has shoebox-like features, could perform several mathematical functions. It could also recognize 16 words, in addition to the zero to nine digits.

Since Shoebox’s emergence, voice technology has come a long way. In 2011, Siri seemingly changed the face of technology and revolutionized it.

To date, there are now several voice assistants available on the market. Although there is still a long way forward, the current technology has transformed how people work, shop, communicate with others, and even manage separate devices.

People can now do voice shopping, voice searching, and even voice commands for specific tasks based on the current dynamic.

Because of this, it now manifests great potential when it comes to running businesses, leading organizations, and managing households. It is everywhere, and it is here to stay. This is why every leader should now consider taking advantage of it, especially now that it has started to rise exponentially.

This Strategy Can Improve Customer and Client Experience

Using voice assistants does not only target “relevance.” While being connected and relevant to recent times’ technology is also a must for every organization, voice technology offers benefits that can lead your team in reaching your short-term and long-term goals. As it happens, this can also improve your relations outside the organization.

It is worth noting that your ties to your clients, customers, and leads are some of the essential things you must regard well. As a leader, you must build strong bonds and links with your externals.

Voice technology can make this happen because it allows optimized external experiences that can strengthen relationships. Like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Google Assistant, assistants are capable of providing “valuable insights” about your external links.

Additionally, interactions through voice technology entail less time and resources, making it very convenient for all parties involved. The length of engagement and interaction is far less while maintaining the overall quality.

Voice Assistants Technology

Voice Technology Is Changing The Face of SEO

Search Engine Optimization has become one of every business and organization’s top priorities. Through SEO, digital marketing strategies have now grown into a more reliable and effective tool.

While SEO is already an advantage for every team and trade, incorporating voice technology offers more benefits. This is because voice assistants are mainly utilized for queries, commands, and searches, which are the base factors relating to SEO. Hence, the emergence and advancement of voice technology have, indeed, changed the face of search engine optimization in its entirety.

Internet users always search for things online through specific keywords. If one intends to learn about the weather today, the user would normally type in “weather,” and results would immediately appear. Although this process works, the search results are not specifically tailored for the exact query or search.

The case is different when it comes to voice technology. Considering that users need to give the full context of their search, the search results would directly provide the exact answers. As a result, companies and organizations no longer need to vie for the top spot to get recognition.

Using Voice Search To Drive Traffic

As voice technology continues to change the game and face of SEO, this also offers more traffic to pages and websites of companies and organizations. Leaders of trades know how important traffic is when it comes to digital marketing. Considering that voice technology through voice assistants help drive traffic, there is no reason why one would not try the process.

The more tailored the searches and results are to the SEO aspect, the more traffic conversions will become apparent. However, it is important to note that this still depends on your organization’s trade and niche and offers. Despite this, though, voice assistants can revolutionize your traffic, as well as the conversions, especially if you effectively learn how to use it and take advantage of it.

Language Barriers

Removes Language Barriers

Working together requires communication and much more if you are all working toward the same goals. However, this will still vary depending on the quality of the communication. Therefore, effectiveness and efficiency should always be present when it comes to connecting and communicating with others.

But, communication is not that simple because there will always be “barriers.” This is evident, especially if you are leading, managing, and dealing with people across the globe. Thanks to the current technology, though, the elimination of these barriers has now become accessible.

With the help of voice technology, language barriers can be easily omitted in the process of your operations. There are now existing applications and systems that easily establish common languages between two or more parties.


Voice technology has come a long way since its emergence, and it will continue to flourish as time passes. As a leader, you should start now and take advantage of the existing innovations, like voice assistants. Aside from strengthening your organization internally, these can also help you improve your relations externally.

Keep in mind that this technology is here to stay. The market is just starting to focus on it, so you can expect that voice technology will become more prevalent in the next few years and decades.

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