How Technology Can Be Used to Empower Leadership

By Ankit Patel

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“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” – Peter F. Drucker (Author and Educator)

Leadership is all about doing the right things at the right time. It’s about motivating employees to deliver their best and achieve a common goal despite the impediments.

It involves creating a workplace environment that makes employees feel empowered to deliver solutions in the most effective manner.

A number of leadership styles and strategies have evolved over the last decade.

Leading people through delegation, recognition, and encouragement has become the new mantra for all leaders and managers.

Leadership and Technology

The constantly evolving technology has left no area of business untouched. Surpassing all the confinements, technology is now impacting all areas of life.

No matter what the size of the organization, technology can be seen happily waving at us from all corners.

Technology has not only facilitated freedom for employees to work easily but has also empowered leaders to manage from a distance.

With the help of technology, leaders can view the number of tasks accomplished by team members in real time. It also helps them communicate any change in the tasks they are doing, no matter where they are.

It has brought a good amount of change in how leaders communicate and deal with their employees.

Social media presence also takes leaders to new heights of popularity.

All in all, technology has given birth to a new leadership style, a style that empowers and inspires people to take upon the most compelling business opportunities using the best of technology.

New Technology

How Technology is Impacting Leadership

Embracing technology is the most vital ingredient of success for managers who aspire to be leaders. With the use of the latest technology tools, it is very easy for leaders to lead employees and achieve organizational goals. Let’s look at how you can use technology to your benefit and also get addressed as a cool leader!

1. Give Flexibility to Employees

Remote working has become the norm of the day. Today’s technology has made it possible for teams across geographical boundaries to complete projects without being huddled in the same office room.

With technology, leaders can facilitate a collaborative work environment for a loyal employee who is committed to delivering the best to the organization and, simultaneously, needs freedom to work from any location other than the office.

This sense of freedom not only leaves an employee satisfied but also motivates him or her to work more efficiently due to increased convenience.

Also, the organization benefits from employees working at a distance as operating costs come down.

 Rather than losing a talented employee to a competitor, it is best to give him that space that he yearns for and get the best of his abilities.

As per the statistics, the number of employers offering flexibility to work from anywhere has grown by 40% in the past five years.

2. Ability To Manage Anywhere in Real-Time

Technology has given birth to more communication tools than ever. With the use of the right tools, you can view the number of tasks being accomplished by your team in real-time.

This helps you steer your leadership skills in the right direction.

No matter where you are, you can easily ask for reports and make important decisions.

You can organize team meetings through video conferencing tools such as Google Hangouts, Go To Meeting, and Skype.

Your team needn’t wait for your approval to surpass certain procedures to complete a task on time.

Thus, technology not only gives you the freedom to work from anywhere on the globe but also makes your presence felt even during your absence.

3. Overcome Language Barriers

When Narendra Modi, The Prime Minister of India, was on foreign trips, he always ensured that he communicated with the citizens using their language.

The mark of true leadership is to excel even in difficult situations. With technology advancing at breathless speed, you can utilize translation tools to create or translate business documents.

Another benefit you can achieve by overcoming language as a communication barrier is hiring people from varied linguistic backgrounds.

Your organization can benefit from the skills of talented people across geographical boundaries. No matter which market you are targeting, with the help of technology, you can clinch the deal.

4. Automating Management

The advancing technology can save a great deal of time for leaders as they can automate a number of tasks.

With the use of artificial intelligence voice assistants, they can be sure not to miss any important meetings and will be saved from the strain of remembering trivial but important details.

With automation, they can accomplish more tasks in less time. With the right use of data, analytics, and artificial intelligence, they can easily automate the decision-making process.

Tools such as CAD/CAM can be utilized optimally to create new and augment existing product designs.

Leveraging different technological tools, they can optimize business processes and activities for improved business results.


The impact of technology on leadership is substantial, and the benefits are many. However, one thing that remains a challenge for all leaders across the world is to utilize the right technology at the right time and in the right way ways.

The aim should be to apply technology to the right tasks and reduce the need for human effort.

The application of technology should improve human involvement rather than outrightly replace it. It should result in improved outcomes in terms of decision-making and people management. 

How Does Technology Help Leadership?

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