You’ve Been Promoted – Now What?

By Blair Crawford

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Being promoted to the leadership team, you may feel overwhelmed or even anxious about your role.

Being on the leadership team entails a myriad of duties, responsibilities, and commitments. So it is important for you to have a command of the inner workings of your organization and the team who will work alongside you.

It’s normal to feel a little awkward if you beat out some of your coworkers for the position.

Here are some tips to help you navigate the waters in a “promoted from within” scenario:


Leadership involves communicating with people who’ve been assigned different roles and ensuring their efficiency.

This requires you to have good interpersonal relationship skills. As a newly promoted manager, take time to learn your personnel thoroughly if you don’t know them already.

Know their strengths and show respect for their abilities. Above all, you should uphold professionalism at all times.

This may mean that you’re no longer the person everyone comes to about recipes and relationship advice. But then again, if you were, you probably would not have been promoted.


A promotion may sometimes put you in a position of a link between the top management of your organization and the rest of the working personnel.

Good communication skills are necessary to keep the channels of communication open. Mediation skills are also very valuable in managing conflict. Although all personnel will eventually determine the success of your organization, you should take up a proactive role.

Ensure that you verse yourself well with everything that entails management in your company. Top management skills can be taught through education and training.

Education and Networking

This section could actually be broken down into further categories, but you’re a manager now – no time for that!

For some, promotion opportunities are a motivator to go back to school and get more education. Though you may have been in the middle of your degree when you were promoted, you should not discontinue your efforts. Why stop at the manager when there may be room in the C-Suite of your company someday?

Also, you never know who you’ll meet in class while you’re finishing your degree. At the very least, give yourself some homework.

Check out these highly recommended books on management and leadership.

If you don’t know exactly how your company operates, educate yourself. Ensure you introduce yourself to company leadership or anyone you’ll be working with.

There’s nothing worse than rolling out a brilliant plan to your team and finding out later that your company’s policies are against it or there are just not enough man-hours to get it done.

Being promoted to the manager will mean conversing with top-notch professionals in your field and requires you to be well-versed in your industry.

Make sure you’re up to date on industry news. You don’t want to be the one person at the meeting that didn’t know how local legislation affects your company’s quarterly outlook.

Attend local industry events and seminars. They are a great resource for learning and meeting key players that may prove helpful to you and your company.

The Bottom Line

  • Maintain and improve relationships with personnel above and below you as well as in your field locally
  • Make sure you’re a good communicator.
  • Keep learning and growing if you want to keep your promotion

Want a Promotion to the Leadership Team?

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Blair Crawford
Blair Crawford
Blair is an emerging marketing and social media talent valuing innovation, hard work, and a relentless approach to creating value for clients and stakeholders. She can be reached on Twitter at @blair_crawford.
  • william lewis says:

    You’ve Been Promoted to the Leadership Team – Now What?
    Impossible, I haven’t approved this. William Lewis.

  • Reda Salem says:

    would like to thank you for this wonderful article which illustrates the vision for New Managers also activates and confirms the old managers on the relationship with the administration, and individuals

  • Ramdeo Choudhary says:

    Promotion to managerial level entails development of broadness and a compassionate outlook towards people working down the line in addition to the qualities suggested by the author. Broadness involves an outlook free of bias. Dealing with the erstwhile colleagues require a special touch of love as well as the command and control of your cognitive response to them. A leader promoted from within the organisation will have more leg pullers and therefore one should develop the tendency to absorb silly things from the erstwhile colleagues without compromising the higher objective of end results. Gradually one should try to establish the command and control with objectivity. All other suggestions of the author are worthe following for getting the desires results.

  • Patricia Samuels-Cameron says:

    I would also advise leaders to apply a mixture of leadership approaches as situations arise. Leadership styles also play a major role. To get the best from employees a multi-approach technique is required from leaders. Great article!

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