Who is an Inspiring Leader? The 6 Habits

By Dorothy Weaver

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Who is an inspiring leader that you know? Many people think that great leaders have a natural talent for running things, or they think that people land in leadership positions due to a combination of intelligence, luck, background, and charm.

While it is true that people may gain leadership positions because of these things, true leaders establish themselves as such by practicing these six habits on a daily basis.

1. They Are Continually Educating Themselves

Great leaders are intellectually curious. They understand the importance of staying on top of business and industry trends. This is why great leaders are always finding ways to educate themselves. They read books, listen to podcasts, subscribe to industry publications, and they take the time to educate themselves on the newest developments in their niche.

However, their curiosity is not solely limited to things that affect their line of work. Many have hobbies and interests that also require a lot of self-education.

2. They Start Their Day With a Plan of Action

An effective leader goes through each day with a sense of purpose. They have a list of things they wish to accomplish and a game plan for accomplishing them.

If things come up that get in the way of their plan of action, they do one of two things: Either decide that the new development is important enough to change their focus or that it is delegated or tabled for another day.

3. They Take Ownership of Crisis

Unfortunately, many people view taking ownership as taking the blame. They aren’t the same thing, and effective leaders understand this. Taking ownership is willingly taking on the responsibility of fixing things because you can and because your goal is to do what is best for the team or organization.

This is what leaders do because they recognize that identifying the source of an issue never has the immediate importance of simply fixing what went wrong.

4. They Communicate Effectively

Great leaders know how to do a few things that many others don’t. This includes:

  • Listening to what people say without focusing on their next response
  • Showing true empathy in their communication
  • Tailoring their communication to their audience
  • Selecting the most appropriate form of communication
  • Communicating honestly and frequently

These skills enable leaders to get their messages across effectively while also maintaining positive relationships with those around them.

5. They Praise Others

Great leaders are competitive because they want their team or business to do better than others. However, when it comes to their own teams, they put competitiveness aside in order to make sure that everybody around them is recognized for their talents and accomplishments.

Great leaders praise frequently and specifically. Specific praise matters most of all because that is how people truly understand what they do well. A great leader has no need to hog the spotlight or demand credit.

6. They Are Mentors

Whether they are helping students who are developing leadership skills in schools, running internship programs, or simply giving out helpful advice, passionate leaders take the time to act as mentors to others.

This is because they recognize that they have a social responsibility to use their experience, skills, and privilege to give back and help future leaders find their paths.

So Who is an Inspiring Leader To You?

If you have ideas that you feel like sharing that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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Dorothy Weaver
Dorothy Weaver is a blogger who writes about great leaders and their success stories. Also, she works as a content writer at ProCustomWriting.com. You can find Dorothy on Facebook and Twitter.
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    Great article Dorothy. These are all spot-on and true.

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