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There is a statement according to which a revolution at the state level is impossible without a revolution at the level of the individual. And if you transfer the essence of this phrase to business transformation, it means that business transformation is not possible without a leadership transformation.

Leadership transformation is the root cause, and business transformation is the consequence. So let’s look at this relationship in more detail.

Transformational Leaders Fight Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy is what pulls businesses to the bottom. The bureaucratic red tape makes employees less efficient, takes too much time, and is completely meaningless. So business transformation is impossible without the rejection of bureaucracy.

Transformational leaders are changing outdated approaches first at the level of the collective which is under their leadership. These are a kind of pilot study and experimenters which prove effectiveness.

Having received a positive result at the level of their influence, modern leaders are looking for ways to make business processes more efficient throughout the company.

Provide the Business with an Opportunity to Grow

A transformational leader is a person who does not see any obstacles. This may sound absurd, but in a global sense, barriers exist only within us.

Modern leaders understand the importance of global thinking and the benefits that this will give the business. When the company’s management thinks globally, it means there is an opportunity for the business to become global.

They also look to the future. They develop fully-fledged development strategies from an idea to a global brand, sensibly assess possible pitfalls, and understand that businesses will have to go a long way from the home to the foreign market through the localization of products, services, and content.

Global thinking multiplied by competent strategic approaches gives businesses the opportunity to grow, develop and transform, realizing that, in fact, all obstacles are artificial and can be overcome.

Modern Leaders Make a Company More Flexible

Modern businesses cannot survive without a strategy. And in an era of transformation, this becomes more essential.

Modern leaders understand this, so they develop several strategies at once. Today’s reality is that a business can be transformed by foreseeing all possible changes and thinking through ways to adapt to them.

They Focus on Savings More Than Profits

Without a doubt, maximizing profit is the main goal of a business. But modern leaders do not look at the process of making a profit as the fact of getting something beyond what is already there, but as saving the existing one.

This is manifested in many actions – optimizing business processes, reducing the number of routine tasks, rejecting bureaucracy, improving production efficiency, and even saving energy and resources in the office. All this is about conserving available resources.

If you saved it, it means you have it. This is one of the main leadership approaches that transform the business.

Leaders Value People

Business is becoming more socially oriented. Companies that have a strong social mission have a chance of survival in the near future. And this means taking care of society as a whole as well as the micro-collective that has developed within the company.

Today’s leaders understand the value of people for business. Human resources have always been the main driving force, regardless of economic conditions. And modern leaders are transforming their approaches to managing people.

These approaches are no longer pure management. This is motivation, inspiration, and involvement, which is achieved only through a positive improvement in the sense of self-worth among employees.

Transformational Leaders Ask Questions

Questions comprise a great resource for the cultivation of creative finds. Einstein had already known this for a long time because he often repeated one phrase, “If I knew the right question …”

To get out of the vicious circle, innovative leaders ask “why,” “why not,” and “what if”, finding, in this way, illogical, amazing solutions. Innovators constantly ask powerful resource questions that help them see more than everyday activities.

They ask “what if” to set limits. Questions that contain artificial limitations can trigger unexpected findings, forcing leaders to think from different angles.

Ultimately, new approaches to posing questions in combination with other actions can be a breakthrough for innovative results. By changing the way we ask questions, we can change the world.

The main thing is to tirelessly look for more correct questions to see the situation with new eyes.

They Change Themselves, Then They Change the World

It all starts with the thought of one person. This is the source of business transformation. Modern leaders understand how important it is to start with yourself, with transformation on your personal level.

Once barriers are overcome at the level of thoughts, they are also overcome at the level of physical actions.

Transformational leaders understand that business transformation is impossible without personal transformation. And as soon as they take this path, the people around them will support their initiatives and move the business in a new direction.


Global transformation begins with transformation at the micro-level.

The micro level is one thought of one person that turns into a strategy; strategies determine real actions, and real actions are carried out by those who follow the leader. Generally, this process leads to business transformation.

How Does Leadership Transformation Work?

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