Investing in People: 3 Long-Term Perks of Corporate Gifting

By Sally Keys

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The leaders of organizations are always looking for better ways to positively influence workplace culture. As it turns out, the act of giving gifts to clients and staff—or corporate gifting—is a great way to go about it.

It’s so good that 40% more businesses are planning to give gifts to their workers and clients this year. Given that fact, it’s important to know what sort of long-term perks come with corporate gifting. 

1. Morale Booster

Raising morale is one of the main responsibilities of leaders. A common issue is that employees do not feel “seen” by upper management. 94% of employees report that they want to feel valued by their employers.

Giving your staff gifts – especially during the holiday season – is an effective way to show them that they are fully appreciated. Employees like gifts that are practical, consumable, and offer variety. It emphasizes that they are recognized for their efforts and can help boost overall workplace morale. 

2. Cultivating Brand Loyalty

When you have a business, it’s important that you try to get clients and employees loyal to your brand. This ensures that you have to return business and workers that want to grow with your company. A great way to promote brand loyalty is through corporate gifting.

56% of consumers and employees report, in a BPMA survey, that their loyalty to a brand drastically improves after receiving a gift. As a leader, it’s smart to take advantage of something that can help your company plant seeds for the future. 

3. Drawing in New Clients

For any company, the existence of clients, investors, and partners are critical to its survival. Corporate gifting isn’t just a gesture of goodwill; it’s an investment as well. You effectively invest in generating the interest of new clients, which can return with huge profits later on.

If you include your company’s products in the gift, it’s a great way to showcase what you are about.

As a leader, it’s a good initiative to take to secure future leads for the brand and the company.

An effective leader understands that workplace and client relationships need to be cultivated and cared for.

Thoughtful Choices

So as a leader, you will need to see how you can apply thoughtful and practical gifting choices for your staff and your clients.

A well-chosen gift can really establish the ethos of your company and promote a better environment for all.

How Can Leaders Engage in Corporate Gifting?

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Sally Keys
Sally Keys
Sally is a freelance writer who gave up a successful career in HR to become a work-from-home mum running her own business. She operates a strict daily schedule, often getting a lot of her work done before the kids get up, and enjoys getting out of the home to walk her pet Labrador, Rosie.
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