8 Innovative Ways To Keep Your Employees’ Minds Sharp

By Bob Gorman

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In order to run a successful company, every entrepreneur needs to think about profits and productivity.

These aspects are closely linked, and business owners come up with various strategies and solutions in order to improve them.

Having a focused and motivated workforce will help you and your company, so take a look at these eight suggestions for keeping your team on track:

1. Reward Quality

Plenty of companies are all about due dates and speed while forgetting their employees’ well-being. If your goal is to have focused workers, make sure to incentivize quality over speed.

Create a system where employees will be rewarded for achieving certain goals.

These rewards should be monetary, so their motivation will stay high.

2. Educate Your Team

One way to show people you care for them is to assist them with their career development. With new knowledge, they’ll be better at work, and that will positively affect their overall productivity.

In addition, continual brain stimulation will keep your team sharp, so organizing seminars and workshops can really improve their focus and productivity.

3. Encourage Brainstorming

Try to avoid being a know-it-all business owner. Your employees have their own ideas, and some of them might be good for the business.

That’s the reason why you should support and encourage brainstorming at your office.

If your employees are free to think, they’ll do that during office hours, and that will keep them concentrated and sharp.

4. Forget About Traditional Shifts

People are different, and so are their circadian rhythms. Some people will work better in the morning hours, and some will give their best performance at night.

Try not to force people into a traditional shift system. Give them some flexibility.

As long as the job is done, you won’t need to worry about when they come to work or when they decide to go home.

5. Encourage Physical Activity

It is well-known that physical activity has a great impact on the human brain, and that’s partly because increased perspiration pumps fresh oxygen there.

More oxygen means better concentration and awareness, so go ahead and set up an office gym where your employees can exercise before, during, or after their shifts.

It is well known that playing chess has physical benefits as well, so make sure to provide your workers with some chess boards.

6. Provide Workers With a Healthy Diet

It would be great to learn about nutrition and follow those rules when it comes to assembling the office menu.

Your workers need vitamins, minerals, and protein so they can perform at the top of their capabilities. Make sure to buy fruit and vegetables for your employees to consume.

The sugar found in fruit is crucial for proper brain activity, and it will help your workforce to be more efficient.

7. Set Up a Break Room

Your employees will need time for a break, and it’s up to you to plan that time.

You’ll need a designated space where they can unwind and communicate. It would be great to provide them with some board games so they could think while resting.

The break room should also include crosswords, scrabble set, video games, and movies. All these activities will help them remain motivated.

8. Go, Green

Before doing anything else, make sure that the office is cleaned and de-cluttered before workers come in.

Working in a messy environment can negatively impact their motivation, and that will decrease productivity.

Another way to boost the overall mood during office hours is to buy some plants. The color green has a calming effect, and big leaves will absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.


As you can see, there are plenty of efficient ways of improving your employees’ mood, and if done properly, they’ll remain focused.

If the workforce is satisfied and relaxed, their mind will be free and sharp, so they could use it to increase efficiency during office hours, which will result in better numbers for the company and a happier workforce.

How Do You Keep Your Team’s Minds Sharp?

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Bob Gorman
Bob Gorman
Bob Gorman is a freelance writer from Melbourne who likes writing articles that cover small business and corporate related topics. He has written numerous articles and contributed to several other blogs. When he is not writing, he enjoys spending time on the beach with his family.
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