5 Green Office Designs That Increase Productivity

By Bryony Shaw

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Mother Nature has the power to revive your senses and clear your mind. Spend a day out in nature, and you’ll feel the stress of your everyday life melting away. That’s the concept that is giving rise to green office designs.

With a high emphasis on improving employee productivity, corporations are ready to try just about anything. Fortunately for them, green office designs are the real deal, as proven by a Harvard study. Green office designs provide a 26% boost in cognition and also improve the sleep quality of employees by 6%.

Considering the loss the companies face each year due to sickness-related absences, there’s no denying that green office designs are just what they need. The study also found that adding greenery to the workplace with the help of office refurbishment contractors can help reduce sickness-related absences by 30%. Now that’s progress!

If you are looking for some creative and exciting ways to increase the level of employee productivity in your workplace, here are a few trends that can help you achieve this goal:

1. Vertical Living Walls

There’s no denying the beauty element of vertical gardening. This trend is gaining popularity among workplaces, homes, and even public places. The beauty of this design is unmatched. But it’s the welcoming atmosphere they provide that makes them such a great choice for workplaces. Your choice of plants can have a great impact on the morale of your employees.

When choosing plants for the vertical living wall, it’s better to opt for plants that help clean the air of toxins. Peace lilies and spider plants are a great option if you want to purify the air and prevent dust.

2. Plant Walls

Creativity has no boundaries, and that helps explain plant walls quite well. Plant walls can act as a sound barrier. All you need to do is plant some vines in the office. Soon, they’ll be long enough to hang as you wish.

So if you have a large office space, this natural remedy will help you reduce noise levels in the workplace. With quieter office space, you can promote a less stressful environment, which directly and positively affects employee productivity.   

3. Moss Walls

The natural growth of moss on walls is promoted by water leakages, which is a health hazard. However, the latest trend of moss walls is anything but that.

Moss is available in numerous shapes, sizes, and styles. Office refurbishment contractors use it to create artistic designs. In fact, many workplaces prefer moss walls over vertical living walls because of the easy irrigation and lighting requirements.

A biophilic design fulfills employees’ desire for a more natural environment and looks spectacular. So if you are looking for something new to set your workplace interior apart, this is definitely a trend you need to include in your workplace. 

4. Plant Pots

Small pots at each desk and a few plants placed strategically over the floor space is likely to give your workplace a completely new look. Green office spaces can mirror natural environments, which has a calming effect on your employees. It’s recommended to place a plant every few feet to introduce a new visual. Just a slight change is enough to boost the efficiency level of your employees.

It’s true that plant foliage prevents dust and controls humidity. But the addition of these natural elements to the workplace is also an environmentally-friendly move. The increased oxygen level helps to strengthen the immune system and even promotes harmonious interactions.      

5. Hanging Horticulture

Now that plants are finally popular in workplaces, you really need to give hanging horticulture a chance. You’ve experimented with wall gardens, and now, it’s time to claim the ceiling next. This way, you can increase employee productivity levels without compromising on floor space. This is an efficient way to introduce nature in office design.

So opt for office design services from experts who have the creative ideas you are looking for. Get them on your trail of thought and take advantage of this opportunity to help increase your employees’ work efficiency.

The Bottom Line

We bet you didn’t think adding plants to the workplace could help in so many ways, right? Remember that green office design trends are both a source of stress relief and a pleasing sight.

If reducing your team’s stress levels is a mission that is close to your heart, you should start experimenting with green office designs. Avail creative and innovative office design services that can help you keep the office space healthy and boost the productivity of your employees.

How Do You Achieve a Green Office?

If you have ideas you feel like sharing that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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Bryony Shaw
Bryony Shaw
Bryony Shaw is the marketing executive at Spectrum Interior, a leading office interior design company offering office fit out and office fit out companies in UK. Her aim in life is to transform as many interior environments as possible into highly beautiful and functional spaces and make all incumbent dysfunctional eyesores a thing of the past. Synchronising the marketing, sales, purchasing and project management teams, she likes to listen to the needs concerning absolutely any interior.
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