6 Ways Leaders Can Make their Workplace Creative and Fun

By Kelly Newman

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Like every other aspect of life, the workplace has evolved. With the passage of time, leaders have realized the importance of a stress-free work environment.

If you look at the philosophy of some of the corporate giants such as Google, you will notice that the one thing they focus on is fostering creativity.

Employees that love their work environment stay for more extended periods of time, have high morale, and have higher productivity than those who face pressures at work.

But for the workplace to be fun, it is crucial for the leader to change the traditional approach to getting things done.

To manage a diverse workforce and produce efficient results, you need to think outside of the box.

As a leader, you need to evaluate your team’s requirements, motivate and encourage them to share ideas, and refresh themselves once in a while.

Here are six pointers that can help you create a happy and productive workplace:

1. Encourage All Your Employees to Contribute Ideas

Teamwork is vital to an organization’s success, and the key to teamwork is strong collaboration. Gather your team and encourage each member to pour in ideas.

Support their opinions and help them cultivate their imagination.

When employees are motivated to think outside the box, various ideas come to the table that can help you as the team leader to choose the best available option.

It will also boost their productivity as they will feel their strength and abilities are being to put to use.

You can also ask your team to brainstorm for solutions to common workplace issues; it will help you understand their perspective.

2. Let Them Unwind

There are times when work may become too stressful, particularly in today’s dynamic work environment. It may cause people to lose interest in work or get flustered.

In such situations, spending some time away from work might help them refresh their minds.

You can provide indoor gaming facilities such as Foosball tables, virtual golf, or pool tables. For employees who want to relax in a peaceful environment, a meditation room would work best.

3. Have Entertainment Sessions or Joy Hours

Allow your people to spend a portion of their productive time on things they like doing. For instance, ask your team to gather around for 30 minutes each day to discuss what they like the most about their jobs.

They can share stories and plan activities for work. Remember, happy employees are productive employees.

4. Energize Your Meetings

Team meetings can become dull quickly, and most people would tune out.

You can begin the discussion with a mind teaser or riddle. After 20 minutes, introduce a Q&A session so each member can contribute their part.

You can also play videos, take small breaks when things get boring, or even change venues for the meeting on a semi-regular basis.

5. Incorporate Team Building Activities

Employee productivity can be increased if they have friendly relationships with their team members. This will help them perform better as a team.

As the leader, you can plan on some exciting activities to build collaboration among your people.

There are fun games such as the tall tower. You can divide all members into small teams, and ask them to construct a tower with various object. The team with the tallest one would win.

Other than that, you can have ice-breaking sessions. Get each member of your team to share three secrets about their life, two of which have to be correct, while the other one has to be made up. Everyone else has to find out which secrets were made up.

Such activities can increase interaction and friendliness between team members.

6. Effectively Communicate with Your Team

A quintessential ingredient for the success of any team is communication, and the correspondence between the entire team depends on the leader.

Be clear while communicating and informing your team about the goals and targets. Address their concerns and feedback, and encourage them to participate and work together efficiently.

How Can Leaders Make their Workplace Creative and Fun?

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Kelly Newman
Kelly Newman
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