Top 6 Female Leader Attributes

By Paula Green

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As a female leader, you may notice that the higher you climb, the fewer female representatives you meet. Although the entry-level manager system is more balanced in regard to gender, there are very few female representatives in senior leadership.

There are tons of articles about leadership, but the core question is in balance: how can we lead our team without being called bossy or bitchy?

We created a list of top female leader attributes that will help you become the successful female leader you want to be:

1. Respect

Women have to work harder to gain respect. You have to be the best at what you do, as people will seek answers from no one else but you.

Never stop learning; you should always be abreast of the market in which you are working.

2. Balance

If your goal is to become a successful female leader, you will have to think of the balance. It is rather easy to do what people are expecting from you, but when you become a leader, you will have to tell people what to do instead.

If you quickly get labels like “demanding” and “controlling,” you may very soon lose your power and, worse, respect.

On the other hand, you don’t want people to see you as too gentle, as this will put you in a position of a nice person that everyone likes but no one really cares about either way.

3. Find Your Role Model

Although there are fewer female leaders, it doesn’t mean that there are none.

Find the person you can take a cue from, study her behavior and work, visit her seminars, and adopt her advice into your everyday work behavior.

4. Set an Example

The biggest mistake in leadership is to put yourself first. You should be an example for your employees, the mentor they can rely on and trust.

Therefore, there is no place for vanity. You are here to work as much as any representative of your company, or sometimes even more.

If your coworkers notice that you do nothing, they will reflexively lose interest in working. Your actions should inspire your coworkers to work more, dream more, and become more.

5. Use Your Sensitivity

Female leaders stand out from male leaders by their sensitivity, which can work as a benefit. The ability to listen and respond is a critical aspect of any leader.

If you find the strength to understand people yet not let them control you, you are in the right place as a leader.

6. Focus

If you are the boss, you should have a great ability to focus. As Trudell said, “Focus is the difference between playing and playing to win.”

Mobility, persistence, and understanding are key leadership attributes. Set a personal example and be ready to guide your employees in whatever happens.

What Makes a Great Female Leader?

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Paula Green
Paula Green
P. Berg is a digital marketing specialist. She enjoys writing and couching people to become business leaders. Right now she works as a contributor at College Writers.
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