How To Be A Strong Leader in the Workplace

By Zack Jones

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The main criterion for someone to move up in a company is to be a strong leader.

Strength in the workplace can sometimes be misunderstood as being domineering or just ordering people around.

If a person wants to be a strong leader in their workplace, some steps can help them gain that objective.

Here are some ways to be a strong leader in the workplace:

1. Take Leadership Courses

It is always best to learn from someone that knows about leadership. Two names that come to mind are Dr. Mary Kay Whitaker and Jim Rohn.

If either one of these people were to give a leadership conference, it would be well worth a person’s time and money to attend.

2. Lead With Your Example

When a leader asks someone to complete a difficult assignment, if that leader has shown they have completed the same task or jumped in and shown their willingness to do it, they lead by example.

3. Be a Great Teacher

This falls in with leading by example. Some people believe that teaching a person everything they know about their position will drive their usefulness out. But it is not so.

Share all you know. Superiors will see the benefits, and promotions will be handed out to the teacher.

4. Have a Positive Attitude

When a person is positive, even in difficult situations, the people near them are positive too. Positivity is a vital part of being a strong leader.

5. Ask Questions

Even the best leaders in the world know they do not know everything. When a problem arises, they ask questions and seek counsel from someone who may have faced the situation before.

6. Allow Others to Voice Opinions

Whether it is the janitor or a high-level manager, everyone has worthwhile opinions to help the company.

Allowing others to speak and be heard shows the signs that a person is a good leader.

The biggest key to this is giving a speaking time limit and keeping control of these meetings.

7. Make Decisions

Not every decision a great leader makes is the best decision. What shows that they are a great leader is that they stepped up and made the decision.

People who procrastinate and let others make the decisions they should have made show a sign that they are not leadership material.

These are just a few of the keys to being a strong leader in the workplace.

Leaders should participate in formal leadership courses and seminars and look into getting an organizational leadership degree and online webinars on an ongoing basis for leaders to grow their leadership skills.

Getting involved in ongoing leadership skills development allows a person to interact with other leaders and, in a school setting, practice what they have learned.

How Can You Be a Strong Leader?

If you have ideas that you feel like sharing that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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Zack Jones
Zack Jones
Zach recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English from Arizona State University, but he plans to go back to school to attain his masters in organizational leadership. He can be reached at
  • R.D. Choudhary says:

    A leader has also to be introspective. A leader has to remain awake in present moment and not always under plans and projections. A leader has to be compassionate and caring for others. A leader has to establish a balance between the expectations of board room and a room on shop floor or office.

  • Reda Salem says:

    The strong leader needs a separation between his personal life and his work, as well as Chapter between personal attitude individuals and their actual performance and the strong leader need to always support his team to did the best in the work.

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