12 Ways to Become a Team Player

By Carol James

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It’s very hard to live alone if you have no backup or people to help. The same can be said for companies and organizations. In this case, such backup would be a team: people who support you and give new ideas.

No one was born with teamwork skills. To become a good team player, you need to work hard.

If you see yourself as a strong person who already has all these qualities, take some time to refresh your understanding.

Employees look for people who will be working with their company for a long time. That is why it is important to show that you are appropriate for the role.

Legendary basketball player Michael Jordan once said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

1. Reliability

People who you can rely on are like real treasures. They will be on time and rarely have excuses. They take the work, and they succeed.

Reliable people are also usually calmer and more rational about conflict and dilemmas.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Failure

Everyone can have bad days. There is nothing wrong with that, as we are only human.

But it would be best not to get everyone involved in all your issues unless they are emergencies or will cause issues at work directly.

Of course, it’s not necessarily good to stay too reserved. You may share and ask for advice because it’s great when people work on problems together. But don’t turn it into the issue of the entire day for your team.

3. They Understand Team Dynamics

It is no secret that some of us are more “open,” while others are more “closed.” People are extroverts and introverts.

Extroverts like to be more public, talk to many people, and openly express emotions so they understand communication and deadlines.

Introverts are good workers, though they have different working styles and tempos.

So be respectful to other people and try to understand everyone’s attitude. A good team player recognizes this and does not see differences as a negative factor.

4. Knows When to Say No

Anne Lamott, a famous American novelist and non-fiction writer, said, ‘No,’ is a complete sentence.”

A team player needs to know when it’s an appropriate time to say “no” to a bad proposition. There is nothing bad in doing so. Saying ‘no’ can save the team from failure.

But, of course, don’t forget about being polite so as not to lose good vibes from your colleagues.

5. Be Adept at Problem-Solving

Problems can appear at any time and usually when we least expect them. Good team leaders are people who can resolve situations without being asked or compelled. Try to be helpful and capable of doing things by yourself.

6. Go the Extra Mile

It means that a good team player knows exactly that sitting in one place isn’t the road to something good.

People know that taking risks can be helpful. They know what’s on the chopping block, and they are not scared of failure.

If it happens, they learn the lesson and move on.

A famous American philosopher said, “It’s never crowded along the extra mile.” And isn’t it great to know that somewhere, you will definitely succeed?

We don’t listen to someone’s words; we do after seeing someone’s example and results. So, be the person people want to go after.

7. Mind Over Matter

A person’s brain is a strong tool. Being friends with your own brain can help you understand that you can do almost everything: mentally and physically.

Give yourself challenges, tell yourself “I can,” and get it done.

8. You Can Learn from Everyone

Older, younger or new to the game. Any industry, any gym, any work setting. Listen to those around you, and you will learn something new every single day.

9. Stronger Together Than Apart

Embracing the team mentality allows for growth and productivity. Hearing new perspectives makes you smarter. Working together is invaluable.

10. Balance is Everything

Find time to do everything. Don’t think that your career is the main thing.

Family is important as well because when you are ill, work won’t help, but family can.

11. Accountability and Honesty

When you are working toward a common goal, you have to be able to depend on your teammates.

Following through and taking responsibility for your actions builds trust and respect.

Know how your actions affect others. Say what you mean and mean what you say, and always, always be honest.

12. Attitude is Everything

Every practice, and now that we are getting adults, every morning, we have to make the decision to have a positive attitude.

Your attitude is contagious, so if you want others to be happy, you have to start with yourself.

How Can You Become a Team Player?

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