3 Ways to Keep Calm When Interviewed by Your Dream Company

By Akansha Arora

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Being nervous when you have an interview lined up is normal. But if you get a call for an interview for your dream company, you might lose your calm.

After all those job alerts on mobile and email that kept you ahead of your competition and months of working on your resume and cover letter, you finally have the chance to make it to your dream company. While you may be under a lot of pressure for this interview, there are some things you can do to keep your calm.

Start reminding yourself about the following three things that can help when you’re in this situation:

1. You Are Going To Meet Humans

Take a minute to remember that the people you will be getting in touch with are human beings just like you. Once you have reminded yourself that the hiring manager of your dream company is a human, you will be able to come out of awe of the company and put things into perspective.


Remember that the hiring manager is also under some pressure to find someone and close the position. The company creates a position when there is a need, and sometimes the need is quite urgent. The interview is important for you and the company.

2. Take Control

Before the interview, you have control over a few things. You can work on them perfectly to avoid any last-minute mishaps. You can calculate the estimated time you will need to reach their office, get your clothes ready a few days before the interview, and be able to run endless google searches about the company and the type of questions that you could expect from them.


Selling yourself is fine, but you should know when to stop. At the same time, you should also be prepared for the curveballs that occur quite commonly when you think you are prepared. Do the best you can for any question or assignment that you get as a part of the interview process.

3. You Need Answers, Too

What if your awesome job at your dream company does not really turn out to be the one you dreamt of? It has happened in the past and can happen to you as well. So before being in the aura of your dream company, take some time out and find out more about the actual gig you are interviewing for and the company that’s hiring.

Is it something you want to do, or because that specific company has the position? If the latter is the scenario, take time to analyze if the job you are going to do is right for you or not.


For example, if you want to land a marketing job, do not accept a finance role just because your dream company is offering it to you. Even though it might look exciting at first, in the end, you would be caught up doing what you never intended to do.

Confidence and Preparation

Here are some other interview tips that might help you succeed in the interview

  • Study the industry well
  • Have a compelling story to tell
  • Use numbers
  • Know how you can contribute
  • Have a professional online presence
  • Remain honest and do not exaggerate
  • Stay away from clichéd replies
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Keep a thank you note ready

All in all, you have to keep confident to be able to get what you want.

How Do You Prepare for an Interview With Your Dream Company?

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