Your Dream Job Interview – How To Show Confidence

By Aubrey Lacuna

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A dream job interview can be nerve-racking. You imagine things going wrong, you get anxious over not knowing what will happen, and you start to worry about how you can confidently answer the interview questions. But instead of wasting your time worrying, start building your confidence with preparation and practice.

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Prepare yourself by following the suggestions listed below:

1. Practice Answering Dream Job Interview Questions

Rehearsing answers to interview questions should be a part of every job applicant’s dream job-hunting checklist, as it helps prepare you mentally and physically for the application process.

You can find so many commonly asked interview questions online. Take the time to search those under your industry and write them down. This is best done in front of a mirror to check your facial expressions and gestures.

2. Exercise Calming Breathing Techniques

Search for calming breathing techniques and practice doing them at home. You then try to do them before the interview, as this will help you appear more confident when you face your dream job interviewers.

3. Nail That First Impression

One of the best things you can do during the interview is to create a solid and powerful start. Look your interview in the eye, give a friendly smile, and be the first to offer a firm handshake. This gives the impression of confidence and professionalism. Also, maintain good eye contact throughout the interview to show interest in what they are saying.

4. Mind your Body Movements

One way to do this is to mirror your interviewer’s movements slightly. You want to mirror their positive body movements because, according to studies, this can help create bonding and relationship. Just be careful to make it subtle, and do not overdo it.

5. Avoid Fidgeting

In connection to body movements, try to avoid clenching your hands, touching your face or hair, and avoiding excessive movements during the interview. These can be interpreted as signs of nervousness and lack of confidence.

6. Your Posture

Sit straight but try to lean ever so slightly towards your interviewer whenever they are talking, as this shows interest. Avoid slouching or rocking back and forth, as these can be interpreted as disinterest or being ill at ease.

7. Moderate Your Voice and Pace

Avoid talking too fast to make sure that your interviewer can hear and understand everything you are saying. This can significantly help you sound confident and self-assured.

8. Avoid Long-Winded Answers

Work on providing direct but complete answers to sound and appear knowledgeable about the topics. Avoid beating around the bush, as this can make you seem unfocused and lack business communication skills.

9. Avoid Appearing Overly Confident

Although your goal is to appear confident during the entire interview, acting overly confident and overbearing can harm your interview and application. You can be perceived as unmanageable and complacent.

To avoid this, avoid talking over your interviewer or acting like you know everything about a particular subject. Confidence is something that hiring managers look for in applicants but not when it poses a potential problem in the future.

Take the necessary steps to be familiar with the basics of an interview and work on the things that can help you portray confidence, and you will breeze through your application process with flying colors.

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Aubrey Lacuna
Aubrey Lacuna
Aubrey Lacuna is a writer for Professional Resume Writers and an online contributor. She has spent her writing career finishing pieces abut job hunting and career development. She believes that she can help job seekers and career changers by providing them with helpful tips.
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