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By Dr. Kirk Hallowell

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Are you in the job transition process?

Losing a management position in this economy is remarkably challenging. What must experienced middle to senior managers accomplish in the weeks following the devastating loss of a job? Simply turn around and be the most positive, energetic, and strategic job candidate as quickly as possible.

Easier Said Than Done

To complicate this challenge, the entire fabric of the job-sourcing process is changing dramatically. The job boards and company websites that promised to make access to jobs so much easier are now the least efficient sources of job leads. Overrun by thousands of applications, organizations are turning to new technologies and network strategies to source and select job candidates.

I Know. I’ve Been There.

For the last 15 years, I’ve worked in the corporate talent management industry and helped organizations design and implement the processes by which they choose and develop talent. In that time, I have worked with hundreds of capable leaders in job transition.

Unfortunately, I have seen many talented individuals get passed over for jobs simply because they were not prepared or did not understand the sourcing or selection process from the company’s perspective.

There is a Better Way to Enter the Job Market

I set out to write a book to support mid to senior managers in job transition. The book is entitled “The Million-Dollar Race: an Insider’s Guide to High Stakes Job Selection” and will be published by the Greenleaf Book Group in September 2012. The purpose of this book is to help management-level job candidates understand the processes that drive candidate selection from the inside perspective of the hiring organization.

There are two common stumbling blocks for candidates in this market. First, fear of prolonged unemployment is driving people to react in unplanned and undisciplined approaches to job sourcing and interviewing.

Job Search

The second is that most candidates don’t fully understand the technical aspects of how candidates are assessed, scored, rated, and eventually selected by hiring organizations. As organizations become increasingly sophisticated in their approach to sourcing and selection, so must candidates who want to win.

The book breaks down these challenges into two parts, preparation, and the actual selection process. Preparation deals with careful planning, setting career goals, and identifying your ideal organization and self-assessment.

These are the foundations on which all successful job searches are created. The second part of the book walks you through each step of the job sourcing and selection process based on the latest trends and technologies now used by hiring organizations and the myriad of recruiting resources and tools they use to find the right candidate.

What Readers Say About This Book

Here are a few quotes from early reviewers who are in job transition:

  • “I just read Chapter One and felt like it was written just for me. The metaphor of the race and getting into condition for the race feels really authentic and is also motivating. This book seems like it would be more valuable and more accessible than a weekly one-hour session with a job coach.”
    – Adam, recently downsized bank manager after seven years of top performance.
  • “This book is really packed with great information and very well-organized. I have been referring to each chapter regularly as I work through the interview process.
    – Janice, VP of Engineering, entering her second month on the job search.
  • “What a terrific read! There are so many gems in this book. I valued the advice about turning down interviews that I knew were not a good fit, and I reflected meaningfully on the cultural implications of various companies during my search. I think this is going to be a great resource to job seekers.”
    – Colleen, Presidential Candidate with multiple opportunities.

So What About That $10,000 Savings?

Based on a recent report by the Department of Labor, the average job search is currently over seven months. The goal of the “Million Dollar Race” is to provide fast, efficient, and targeted information that will shave at least four weeks off the search process. For the mid-manager making $90,000 per year plus benefits, that is easily worth $10,000.

If you would like to preview Chapter One, please feel free to download it here.

If you have ideas that you feel like sharing that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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Dr. Kirk Hallowell
Dr. Kirk Hallowell
Kirk is the author of, The Million-Dollar Race: An Insider’s Guide to Winning the Job of Your Dreams, to be published by Greenleaf Book Group the end of 2012. Kirk is President of MatchPoint Learning & Development.
  • David Larson says:

    As a senior engineer (NOT in a management position) – I recommend any unemployed professional read this book!

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