Top 5 Leadership Lessons We Can Learn from Jeremy Lin

By Jessica Francisco

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In the NBA, Jeremy Lin, a starting point guard for the New York Knicks, started the Lin-sanity craze that bewildered fans and even those who are not avid viewers or supporters of the NBA.

As Jeremy continued to score more than 25 points a game, make awesome passes, and shoot game-winning shots, the Lin-sanity craze became an overnight obsession.

Considering Jeremy’s excellent personal performance, here are the top 5 leadership lessons we can learn from him.

Show Humility and Willingness to Learn

Humility is the first trait Jeremy Lin possesses that we can emulate. This characteristic is not about being weak, hesitant, or lacking pride; but simply understanding and accepting one’s own strengths and weaknesses. Having humility provides the motivation to admit mistakes and accept success. This attribute is crucial because admitting mistakes, acknowledging weak spots, and allowing success are great leadership qualities and significantly improve leadership performance.

Communicate Openly and Honestly

Jeremy Lin displays great communication skills with his ability to understand and connect with his team. He passes the ball to his teammates smoothly and efficiently. Through this leadership quality, the team will be able to function as one where ideas and visions are clearly and concisely shared and passed among team members.

The team is united when the leader both corresponds to and responds to members. Having excellent communication from the leader creates a better understanding of the plans, strategies, and goals that the team will act on and achieve.

Leverage the Strengths of Others

As Jeremy Lin is not perfect as a ballplayer, his teammates must contribute around him and exhibit their special skills. He is able to recognize the talent and capabilities of his teammates and ensure that they will play with their strength and win the game. He is a great leader, as he gives chances to others.

He delegates tasks and positions to the players so that they can play their best. Through this technique, team members not only help achieve the team’s goals but, more importantly, gain the opportunity to grow and learn from the experience.

Stay Committed to Your Goals

Commitment is the personal will to complete a task, make a difference, and achieve your goal. Jeremy Lin’s commitment to accomplishing his role and winning the game is undeniably strong. Focused, he leads the team and dedicates himself to the game through determination and hard work. A leader’s commitment and confidence unite the team to create a greater force resulting in a unique competitive edge.

Take the initiative and Go the Extra Mile

As a point guard, Jeremy Lin always surprises the audience with his great leadership skills. He passes the ball to his teammates with creativity and accuracy and handles the ball wisely. His strong awareness causes him to never fail to set up the offense and control the flow of the game while the ball is in his team’s possession.

Jeremy always encourages himself and his team to do their best and make the most out of every game. Intelligent, a great passer, and ball handler, Jeremy Lin, undoubtedly, is also an excellent defender. He leads the game not with fear but with faith and leadership to win the battle. When leaders unselfishly give their all to the team, great things happen!

Truly, Jeremy Lin is more than just a point guard; he is an outstanding exemplar not only to basketball aficionados but to prospective leaders as well, as he shows admirable qualities and character with his talent, attitude, and leadership skills.

What Leadership Lessons Can We Learn from Jeremy Lin?

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Jessica Francisco
Jessica Francisco
Jessica Francisco is a cheerful 25-year-old with a broad range of hobbies including swimming, hiking, and listening to music. Jessica is one of the editors of Luke Roxas. Luke Roxas on Google +.
  • Annie Abrams says:

    Jessica, while I am usually annoyed when sports analogies are used (or over-used) for business points, I found this to be a truly excellent way to convey the 5 top leadership lessons. Very powerful!

  • Jennifer Richmond says:

    Excellent points and analygy. Well done

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