3 Traits to Establish an Enduring Organization

By Akansha Arora

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After years of operation, every enduring organization finds itself in a situation where it needs to strengthen its roots to be one of the key competitors in the market. Supporting an organization requires strong leadership at its core.

Every team, large or small, needs a leader who can support the organization at the crucial stages when it needs full support. The ability to successfully execute an idea is what differentiates an entrepreneur from a dreamer. As such, there are a certain set of qualities that every leader should possess in order to be calm and still run a business. Some of the qualities that every leader must have are:

  • Honesty
  • Ability to delegate
  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Sense of humor
  • Ability to inspire others
  • Commitment
  • Positive attitude
  • Creativity

No doubt these qualities make a good leader, but there are some specific key traits a leader also needs in order to support an enduring organization. Leaders who fail to embrace the powerful combination of both of these kinds of traits often face a sinking business and job losses.

Listed below are the three essential traits that every leader should have to ensure the smooth functioning of the business:

1. Establishing Trust

Trust is the center of all healthy and fruitful relationships. It is the bedrock of leadership. Suppose you do not trust a boss or an organization to do what they say they will do or act with integrity and transparency. In that case, it is simply impossible to enjoy the benefits of a fruitful relationship. Similarly, if a leader does not trust others, they will not get that trust back in return. In a scenario where your team does not trust you, they will only do the minimum to retain their job.

Few employees will stay at an organization if they do not trust their boss. Trust has a direct correlation to the way that your business grows. Organizations that do not have the ability to trust are unable to attain accelerated growth and sustainability.

The following video explains how trust is directly related to the speedy growth of a business:

2. Caring

You should not always expect to feel loved at an organization, but that feeling can have a strong influence on the outcomes of a workplace. Employees who feel loved perform better at work. The correlation between caring for your employees and the success of your organization may not seem obvious, but studies prove that the success of the business depends on that trust.

Leaders need to be careful that they strike a balance of trust that maintains a boundary between the employee’s private and professional life. A certain level of interest in an employee’s personal life is something that every employer should utilize, but it is important to know how to exercise effective caring. Some ways for you to show that you care about your employees are:

  • Remembering an employee’s birthday
  • Discussing their weekend
  • Asking about a child’s progress
  • Asking how they are feeling and giving them cookies
  • Asking if they are happy with their work or whether our stresses
  • Providing them with manageable achievements that motivate them for bigger results
  • Making them feel like successful assets to your organization

If you can demonstrate these facets of effective caring, you will have their long-term support, which makes this strategy advisable to achieve better results for your business. Care more for your employees.

3. Putting Others’ Needs First

“I am employed to serve you,” says a good leader without hesitation. You should now know that your job is not just to be a leader but a servant-leader. This means a leader who can put others’ needs before his own. These others may be their customers, their employees, or their communities.

When you lead a group of people, it is essential that your focus is on ensuring that others successfully perform their tasks. To make sure your team performs well, you must serve and work for them and not the other way around.

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