4 Tips for Successful Project Management

By Abhinav Marla

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Successful project management, by its most obvious definition, is the ability to design, plan, and execute your projects with success.

Project managers are constantly striving to ensure that projects are completed on time and within the stipulated budget.

There are several challenges that they have to deal with daily from both internal and external forces. These factors can drastically impede the progress of the project, leaving project managers in a lurch.

Four specific techniques can help project managers avoid running into such a scenario and will ensure that their projects are functioning smoothly and productively.

1. Bring All Stakeholders Onto the Same Page

Even before the project begins, it is important to first determine exactly what goals are being pursued by key stakeholders of the project.

Getting their buy-in is key to ensuring that their specific expectations from the project are met. This is important because addressing their interests and requirements for the project will determine its success.

A clear understanding of overall business goals will also determine what the project outcomes are expected to be, and who will be responsible for what.

Once all stakeholders are on board, it is then time to create a project plan that aligns with the expected goals, as well as put in place appropriate measurement criteria to ensure that the project is performing as expected.

All tasks must be tracked to ensure that they are completed on time and within the set budget.

Additionally, the final product must meet customer requirements and all specified regulations. All of these factors must be taken into account at the start of the project to ensure smooth progress.

2. Assemble the Right Team

One of the biggest reasons projects fail is because of failure in hiring the right team. The definition of the ‘right team’ and what it can mean for your organization or project will obviously vary.

It’s important to find talented individuals who have solid technical skills and excellent communication and teamwork skills.

When you’re putting your project team together, consider that every member you hire is going to work together with the rest of the team towards achieving a common goal.

You will need to consider how they would fit in with the rest of the team and how their skills are going to complement the skills of the rest of the team.

Ask how you, as a project manager, are going to integrate various skills, talents, and personalities to achieve project success.

Ensure that each member is properly trained in their roles and that they know what’s expected of them.

3. Ensure Effective Communication

Most issues that derail a project can be effectively addressed and eliminated by incorporating effective communication lines.

All team members should have the facility to be open and clear about problems they encounter or to request advice from other team members.

Establish a communication plan and ensure that every team member is aware of the tools and processes being used for communication.

Every team member should have access to the information required to make effective decisions and to keep the project running smoothly.

4. Use a Project Management Tool

Managing clients and their requirements effectively can be overwhelming. Consider using a project management tool to organize your tasks and allow your team to focus on tasks that require their expertise and time.

As you work through various project milestones, from research and strategy to product design, you will be able to work towards delivering world-class products and solutions that delight your customers.

As a project manager, you have the important task of enabling your team to work towards solving complex problems for your clients.

Long Term Success

The role of a project manager is critical to the success of a project and ensuring profitability.

These tips should help you foster an environment that is conducive to long-term success, as well as employee and client satisfaction.

What Makes Successful Project Management?

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Abhinav Marla
Abhinav Marla
Abhinav has over 2 years experience as product manager at ClientFlow. He is well aware of the functioning of different project management tools and common pain-points of end-users. He writes extensively about his learnings in SAAS product management as well as about other great tools for PM’s.
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