3 Smart Tips for Selling Value

By David Jones

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The world of sales has changed. Buyers have become pickier, and comparative product and service information is readily available on their devices.

Selling Value

It has become much harder to succeed as a salesperson because the competition has become so fierce. The key is no longer to simply sell features and benefits before the competition.

The path to success is selling value.

There are many value-selling training programs on the market to address this sea-change in sales.

You may well decide that investing in a quality program may be the answer for your sales team. Meanwhile, it will help to adjust your thinking as a sales leader about the problem.

Here are three tips that will help you face the future realistically:

1. Prepare Yourself and Your Team for Longer Sales Cycles

To truly understand your customer’s situation, it takes time to research background information and probe for insider knowledge. There are no quick answers and there will be far fewer quick sales.

Uncovering real customer needs requires time to build the trust that opens communication.

Until you have established a sound relationship with your client, they are unlikely to confide in you about what truly keeps them (and their CEO) up at night.

2. Recognize Your Team Will Need Sales Tools to Succeed

A quick glance at the customer’s website is not adequate preparation for a sales call in today’s world. Salespeople need to know about their customer’s industry, their competitors, and their marketplace in addition to having a clear picture of the customer company’s strategy, structure, culture, talent, and performance.

Make sure that you provide timely opportunities to learn. Attendance at industry conferences or subscriptions to trade publications will give your team the edge they need.

The more they know about the current trends and issues in their customer’s industry, the more insight they gain into their customer’s business.

3. Understand Your Salespeople Will Need Skills as Account Managers

They can no longer just rack up sales here and there. They need to know how to mine and grow their existing accounts, for this is where the real gold is. They need to learn how to use their current satisfied customers to gain referrals elsewhere in the organization.

They should approach the challenge knowing that they have true value to offer and with an attitude that their job is to help the customer, not just line their own pockets.

How Do You Sell Value?

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David Jones
David Jones
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