8 Tips for Managing Expectations Effectively

By Melissa Ortega

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Disgruntled employees are usually a catalyst for workplace conflict, leading to decreased productivity. A common cause of this is when their expectations aren’t met. So it’s imperative that employers and business leaders manage employee expectations constantly and effectively.

In reality, a lot of company heads perform poorly in this aspect.

A Towers Watson survey showed that 50% of managers do not set effective employee goals, and this could lead to unclear expectations for employees and their leaders.

However, there are numerous ways to solve this dilemma.

Here are eight tips on how you can manage expectations effectively:

1. Invest in Your Staff

Employees sometimes develop their own expectations because they’re unsure of the direction of either their career, the entire organization, or both. You should invest in your staff from the moment they are hired.

Dedicate yourself to creating a high level of trust and try to influence them to have a collective mindset.

2. Be an Example

Leading by example will show your team the caliber of work that is expected of them, as well as a clearer view of what a higher position in the business will entail.

This can help provide inspiration and motivation for your team to improve.

3. Focus on the Positives

When you have open conversations, it’s better to focus on the positives.

It’s important to discuss certain issues and how to fix them. But you can also highlight their contributions to the organization.

This way, employees can expect to focus on specific strategies that will ensure progress.

4. Calibrate Your Employees’ Workload

Always remember that your employees have limits.

There might be tasks that some can’t accomplish within a set deadline, so you have to gauge the abilities of each person, especially if they have changed after some time in the company.

Calibrating their workload can reduce your employees’ expectations about a stressful work environment.

5. Give Them an Opportunity for Growth

All employees expect to grow in their respective jobs, so you should give them the opportunity to do so. If they feel they can improve in your company and under your leadership, they might be more motivated to do so.

Remember that the continuous development of employees boosts the progress of the entire business.

6. Evaluate Your Own Performance

Performance reviews are the best way to find out what your employees expect from you and from the company.

Change your management style if you find that it hasn’t been beneficial for your team. Otherwise, stick to your techniques and improve them.

Adjusting to their responses can alter your employees’ negative expectations on working under you and for the business.

7. Avoid Implementing Unannounced Changes

Before enacting changes in your workplace, you should first ensure that every employee has been fully informed.

This way, you’re enabling them to form realistic expectations on how your business will go from that point onward.

Additionally, give your team members time to prepare and adjust for the new policies that will be in place to avoid a rocky new start.

8. Don’t Dwell on Failures

It’s normal for employees to commit failures, but Menlo Coaching points out that it’s best not to dwell on them.

If you make their mistakes a big deal for too long, they might expect to be treated differently always, which could affect their mindset in the workplace.

Assure your employees that they can always improve.

A business works best if everyone on board has the same expectations. Follow these tips to ensure that you and your employees are on the same page to move the company forward.

How Do You Manage Expectations?

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Melissa Ortega
Melissa Ortega
Melissa Ortega is a Business Administration graduate in New York, who now helps startup business owners expand their operations through the consulting firm she works for. She has also contributed content covering business and finance for various online publications, both local and international.
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