How to Promote Teamwork Through Employee Engagement

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Leaders promote teamwork to enhance the strength of an organization and the willingness of its employees to work collectively toward achieving success. Teamwork is believed to be the powerful force of collaboration, which enables an organization to sustain itself amidst tough competition in the market. So many employers endeavor to empower their employees with the skills of teamwork.

Words of inspiration, informal gatherings, and rewards are some of the strategies which are used by management to promote teamwork among employees. No doubt, these strategies work. But their impact is short-lived.

On the other hand, employee engagement is a sure-shot technique to achieve collaborative working practices among the employees of an organization.

This article paves its way through the obstacles which hinder the establishment of synergistic work culture and then throws light on how employee engagement promotes teamwork.

These are 3 obstacles to good teamwork:

1. Placing Self-Growth Before Organizational Growth

One of the major hindrances to teamwork is the employees’ sole inclination towards self-growth. It is often while working towards their own personal growth that the employees forget to focus on the company’s overall progress. They are so engrossed in ensuring their own welfare that they become indifferent toward the organization’s overall vision and mission.

This indifference further results in the employees running away from all activities which demand combined effort as a team. They do so to save their time from being devoted to activities that are not directly linked to their personal benefit. This highlights how placing self-growth before organizational growth affects employees’ participation in group activities.

2. A Lack of Connection Among Employees

Management of a company cannot succeed in cultivating a work culture of mutual collaboration among its employees until and unless there is a wave of cordiality between them. A lack of connection among workers is another big reason behind a lack of teamwork. Group activities lose their charm when employees are unable to collaborate properly.

This inability to connect effectively stems from the employees’ lack of mutual understanding of each other. The only remedy for this problem is the establishment of better relationships between employees.

3. Lack of Motivation

Lack of motivation degrades an employee’s willpower to take the initiative for the organization’s growth. This implies that they are not motivated by the spirit of contributing to the company’s success. This happens because a lack of motivation leads to a dip in confidence level, which results in generating a feeling of incapability.

This low self-confidence stops them from representing themselves among people who are dedicated to giving a boost to the organization’s performance. So they refrain from becoming a part of team activities.

How does employee engagement help in overcoming these obstacles?

1. Enhances Dedication and Devotion to Work

This is because of the fact that engaged employees work with sheer dedication and devotion to the company. They are ready to go the extra mile to reap great results, which gives a boost to the organization’s reputation in the competitive market.

By cultivating an efficient workforce of highly engaged employees, the management can succeed in fulfilling its endeavor of establishing a collaborative work culture in the organization.

Along with this, engaged employees themselves volunteer to generate a wave of dedication among their fellow colleagues. They do so because they consider collaborative effort as the key to success. Engaged employees prove to be the originating point, which initiates group tasks and attracts others to become a part of it.

2. Establishes a Cordial Work Culture

As discussed above, engaged employees have an in-depth realization of the importance of collaborative effort in achieving organizational success. So engaged employees take charge of promoting a cordial environment at the workplace. They exchange greetings with their colleagues and make time to interact with them.

After being inspired by their example, other employees also begin to interact with each other. This sets up a chain reaction that results in the establishment of a friendly atmosphere in the organization.

So employees are no longer separated by the boundaries of their departments, and a wave of connectivity will run throughout the organization. This is how engaged employees promote a cordial work culture, which breeds the potential for teamwork in the workplace.

3. Self-Motivated Employees

Once an engaged workforce is cultivated, there is no need for management to consistently work on motivating employees. This is because engaged employees are self-motivated in nature. They devote their heart and soul to the organization and strive to do their job with perfection. Their mind is on a constant hunt for ideas to enhance the work output of the organization.

Engaged employees also put a lot of effort into working on themselves. They undertake the process of self-improvement to unleash their full potential and yield the best results for the company.

Moreover, engaged employees also realize that bigger achievements can be accomplished only in the presence of teamwork. Therefore, they are self-motivated to participate actively in group activities.

To conclude, employee engagement can work wonders in helping employers achieve their goal of establishing a culture of teamwork in their organization.

How Can Leaders Promote Teamwork?

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