8 Project Management Tips That Will Help You Revolutionize Your Job

By Aimee Laurence

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Here are eight excellent project management tips. There’s always something to do, someone to email, and a project you’re working on, so let’s get started.

If you’ve transitioned to being a project manager from a less demanding job, you will need to listen carefully to these eight tips that will start you off with flying colors.

Don’t fret about being perfect. Concentrate on doing your best. 

1. Be Kind

When companies re-brand themselves with new management, teammates can be worried about overly bossy managers and inflexible working arrangements. Setting yourself apart with respect, a sense of humor, and honesty will allay fears about you and make you seem approachable.

2. Be Open to Change

There will be a lot of surprises waiting for you at your new desk as time progresses. From finances to human resources, from technical difficulties to poor weather, adaptability will become very important to you as a new project manager. Your team will look to you for guidance when unexpected change hits. So you need to learn to keep your cool. 

3. Find an Experienced Mentor

The best way to learn practical skills will always be through observation and practice. Watching someone who can direct your growth in your new career will allow you to become more professional and efficient very quickly.

Great options for mentors are other managers, past bosses, and trusted co-workers. There are also more formal mentorship programs available online. 

4. Develop Emotional Intelligence

Project management comes with a very generous amount of contact time with your team. Being able to read and interpret their emotions will allow you to maneuver a team skillfully. 

You’ll know who is best suited to particular roles within individual projects, so everything will run much more smoothly.

5. Understand Your Customers

As a project manager, it’s important to understand your team. But the whole point of business is to bring your product or service to customers.

If you can pinpoint what your customers’ interests are, you can identify what they want and what you can offer them. This information will be key in discerning which projects are worthwhile and which ideas are best left on mind maps. 

6. Be a Team Player

Learn to see project management as a sport where you are both a player and a referee. This means you’ll step in to complete tasks. But people will also turn to you for help.

You need to learn how to balance both of these responsibilities in a way that doesn’t negatively affect your mental health. If you don’t, you will find your job exhausting and find it hard to maintain a healthy work-life balance

Getting a job as a project manager already implies you possess the skills to present yourself as a gifted problem solver and logical thinker. Being a project manager comes with significant trust and responsibility that will continue to grow.

7. Actively Listen

Proper engagement equates to immersing yourself in the vision of both your team and customers. If you do this, you can identify your teammates’ strengths and weaknesses without much investigation.

You will also be able to narrow down customer profiling without much effort. The more you listen, the more data and information you can use in crafting the best projects. 

8. Take a Course in Project Management

Taking a course in project management will help as you will be taught all the benefits and personal costs of your career path. You’ll come face to face with the facts about how much time will be required of you and how much profit you are likely to make.

As with most situations, the more work you put in, the more you will get out. This will be more effective, and you will be noticed more if you are certified. 

Learning to Grow

Make the most of the resources made available to you and follow examples of great leadership that you have seen in other fields of work. Become part of the team and let them know you are there for them. 

Which Project Management Tips Can You Improve?

If you have project management tips that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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Aimee Laurence
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