Five Presentation Skills: How to Be Awesome

By Taseer Ahmad

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Do you get goosebumps when it’s your turn to present? A nifty leader needs to be awesome at giving a presentation.

A speaker’s fifteen-minute speech shouldn’t leave the audience asleep. It is unlikely that you will be given another chance.

These five steps below will help you become an eloquent speaker:

1. Know Your Audience

A month ago, one of my friends asked me to write a speech for him. I always go for an astute analysis when it comes to presenting something worthy. He dejected my questions about the whole scenario in which he had to let people know about his ideas. I wrote a fine speech without knowing to who these words were being delivered.

And when my friend grabbed that paper, he simply said, “My audience isn’t a good fit for understanding this.”

You must know your audience, whether it’s just a matter of minutes or an hour. Without taking them into account, you will end up wasting your time.

2. Make an Appealing Start

“Good morning! My name is James Rode, and I am delivering a speech on ‘Practical Application of Statistics.’ So, here is my first slide, which is…”

People have become bored of these traditional weary intros. Why not try something cool and innovative? Most of the top influential speakers, like those on TED talks, have charming introductions to their speeches.

You can start your presentation by asking a question or citing a fact and figure that is related to the subject of interest. If your presentation encompasses the application of statistics, you can start by saying something like, “How many times have you logged into your Facebook account in the past 24 hours?”

3. Kick Out Fear

The worst enemy of your success is fear. The fear of failure, of people, and the fear of rejection. Leaders are people of great valor. They won’t let failure get to their heart. Instead, they drive the innermost of the ebullience out and strike with a new strategy to achieve success.

The woeful plight is letting in fear. Learning to control this predicament is important. Master the art of learning by reading daily. You’ll learn that fear is an ample enemy of your career.

4. Be Well Read On Your Topic

Some people are pretty good at commencing a mind-boggling presentation, but as they encroach upon their expedition, everything gets blurry. Your topic of presentation must be well-researched before you begin.

It’s sometimes scary for the group or organization you represent if you have a weak grasp of the subject. Before you plunge into the competition, you must know the right details.

5. Give a Memorable Ending

No matter how long your presentation takes, it eventually comes to an end. There are several tricks that you can adopt to mark your presentation with a decent conclusion.

You can repeat an introductory sentence at the end and then clarify it with a short summary of arguments you have just delivered in the presentation. Be specific and focused, and avoid becoming repetitive.

How Are Your Presentation Skills?

If you have ideas about presentation skills that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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Taseer Ahmad
Taseer Ahmad
Taseer Ahmad is an undergrad Civil Engineering student with a euphoric spirit for writing. Apart from quenching the thirst at university, he motivates others to live a better and happy life.
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