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Good and great leadership have distinctive differentiating characteristics. Leadership is not one dimensional.

Emphasizing the Use of “Great”

The adjective ‘great’, when prefixed to a noun, makes it unusually intense and powerful. Yes, great also means excellent. But that is not the only meaning great can have.

Great leaders are not just ‘better’ than good leaders. They are a class apart. They inspire to learn and grow, spread positive energy, uproot complacency, and can turn an unproductive group into a blooming one with their effective and powerful personality.

The Difference

Being a good leader requires you to have your own set of qualities that give you the ‘good’ title.

Good leaders often work towards protecting the current state of affairs. They keep the good ideas going, work around them, and witness gradual growth.

Great leaders, on the other hand, are game changers. They innovate, generate ideas of their own, and make them work.

You will be lucky to work with a great leader as they motivate you to become one. Talking about the differences, following are the stark differences between a good and great leader:

Good Leaders Tell You What They Can Do, Great Leaders Make You Realize What You Can Do

Great leaders have a magnetic personality. They make you feel better about yourself and who does not like to be accompanied by people with this nature.

Leaders who impress you with their capabilities and knowledge are good. The ones who have the ability to make you feel better are considered to be great.

Good Leaders Will Have the Right Attitude, Great Leaders Make Friends

A good leader comes out to be bigger than life, having huge responsibilities, and a different lifestyle.

On the other hand, you will be able to relate to a great leader. They will be someone you can trust and call your friend. Great leaders do not show the difference between themselves and you, they work towards diminishing the gap their team and they have.

Good Leaders Say, Great Leaders Make You Believe

Good leaders will tell you that you are doing great, a great one will appreciate you and motivate you to do even better.

There is no learning limit with great leaders. They are focused on your growth, learning and efficiency, along with the company’s targets.

Actions of trust and respect by a great leader make people feel included and important.


Good Leaders Keep the Ship Straight, But  Great Leaders Sail in the Ship

Good leaders make sure that everyone around is working properly. They have interesting words to share but they won’t make anyone win any prizes.

Great leaders, on the other hand, are a part of every single project. They take a personal stake in whatever project they are working on.


The difference between a good and great leader can be seen on their resumes and portfolios. Great leaders believe that learning is the key skill to grow.

You need to get the right character traits to reach a certain level. A good leader reaches this but happily maintains the position.

A great leader has a different approach. They never stop learning. They do not rest on their laurels,  they always have the hunger to get better.

Great leaders find new ways, enhance their skills, and keep inspiring.

What Makes a Great Leader?

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