8 Ways to Learn Leadership Skills with Your Friends and Family

By Elisa Abbott

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Every individual can acquire leadership skills without attending expensive training programs and seminars.

Spending time with friends and family is a simple way to learn how to delegate tasks, motivate, deal with conflicts and establish effective communication.

If leadership skills play an important role in your career, you need to practice them more frequently.

You can start by becoming a great leader in a team that consists of your best friends and family.

Let’s take a look at what kind of activities will help you to land your first management role:

1. Choose Team Sports

Team sport is all about leadership. Great leaders can define the strengths and weaknesses of every team member and find the best way to apply them.

For example, if you play soccer, you should conduct a little research before assigning your friends to such positions as goalkeeper, defender, or center forward.

Moreover, you should design a tactic that will lead your team to victory. It’s important to accurately analyze the performance of the opposite team in advance.

You should draw conclusions and present a clear action plan to your team before the start of a game.

2. Play Poker

Poker is a great game that requires players to develop a strategic plan.

Every bet should be thoughtful, not spontaneous.

When you play poker, you have to measure the risks, deal with the pressure, control your emotions and predict the following moves of other players.

Improvement of these skills is crucially important for becoming a great leader. Certainly, poker night with a family can turn into effective practical training for a tactical leader.

3. Run a Marathon

An annual marathon that takes place in your city can become a great challenge for your team and you.

You should start training a few months in advance and keep working toward your goal day by day.

Being a leader, you should be good at goal setting.

You should evaluate the sportsmanship of your team members and establish objectives for every training session:

  • Set a realistic final goal. Select an adequate distance that your team will be able to run: marathon, half marathon, 10 km, or 5 km.
  • Choose a starting point. Define the distance which your friends and family will be able to run during the first training session.
  • Establish intermediate objectives. Start training at least seven weeks in advance and set a desirable distance for every week. Keep in mind that every next lap should be significantly longer than the previous one.

4. Create a Blog

If your team and you have the same interests in a specific niche, you can start blogging and share your experience with the world.

You can post fascinating articles on Facebook or hilarious videos on YouTube – feel free to express your ideas in the way that you like.

The mission of a creative team leader is to inspire others to generate fresh ideas and improve the quality of content. You should be able to keep your friends motivated even if your first publications will not bring many likes and re-posts.

You can learn how to assist a creative team in overcoming obstacles and how to help talented people find a new perspective.

If you want to achieve success, you should be enthusiastic about your project.

You should try to do your best in order to increase the reach and engagement of your blog.

For example, you can translate the video clip subtitles to foreign languages to make it go viral on social media around the globe.

5. Start a Band

If you are in love with music, you can start up your own band and become a charismatic leader. Your passion and enthusiasm should inspire your friends to work harder to improve on-stage performance.

In addition, you will learn how to work with creative and ambitious people.

You will improve your conflict resolution and communication skills. If you know how to rock the crowd, this option is right for you.

6. Launch a Volunteering Program

If you feel that you are a servant leader by your nature, you should choose some volunteering activities.

You can offer your friends and family support for your noble ideas.

You can help your local community with ongoing tasks or even start your own small charity organization.

This practice will help you to reveal your best personal qualities: patience, altruism, and selflessness.

There is no doubt that if you share your vision with friends, they will become your true followers.

7. Go Traveling

Traveling to exotic places is exciting to experience. You have a great opportunity to organize a fantastic trip for people while also improving your leadership skills.

Voyage preparation includes a wide range of the following managerial tasks:

  • Set the right direction. Try to find a fantastic destination that will exceed the expectations of your friends and family.
  • Make an investment decision. While real managers think about whether to put money in cryptocurrency or Apple stocks, you should decide whether to stay at a luxury hotel for two days or at the hostel for seven days.
  • Define opportunities and threats. Try to figure out what kinds of entertainment (opportunities) are available in the area: diving, surfing, elephant riding, etc. Also, get information about the widespread tropical diseases (threats) such as malaria and yellow fever, and learn the ways of their prevention.
  • Delegate the tasks and responsibilities. Let your mother be in charge of snack preparation, and your sister – of hotel booking. You should learn to trust your team members.

8. Go Camping

If you have no opportunity to travel far, camping in the closest forest or national park is a great alternative.

You can still get some new experience in planning, organizing, controlling, and motivating.

A basic mission is to make your family and friends work like a cohesive team.

As a leader, you should ensure that every team member clearly understands his responsibilities and performs his tasks effectively.

You should boost team morale and make sure that everyone feels happy.

Mixing Business with Pleasure

As you can see, there are so many fascinating ways to spend time with your family and, at the same time, to acquire new professional skills.

Modern life is getting too busy, so this is a great idea to mix business with pleasure.

If you want to get promoted at work, don’t hesitate to learn leadership skills with the people closest to you.

Your family and friends love you a lot, so you can be sure that they will support any of your initiatives.

How Can You Learn Leadership Skills With Your Friends and Family?

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