5 Ways to Develop Leadership Skills at the University

By Ryan Bronson

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Universities are establishments bursting with knowledge and learning and can benefit students in a number of different ways. The most obvious benefit is to obtain a degree in your chosen field of profession.

Furthermore, you can also gain valuable life skills, improve your education, and meet a wide range of new people.

One aspect of the university that is sometimes overlooked is the fact that you can actually develop your leadership skills.

During your time at university, there are several different activities and processes you can engage in to improve your leadership qualities.

If you aspire to be a leader or wish to take a career path that involves managing people, the university is the perfect place to develop these skills.

To help you understand what we mean, we have listed 5 ways to develop leadership skills at university:

1. Lead a Group Project

University presents many scenarios where you can volunteer yourself as the de-facto leader. During your course and studies, you will undoubtedly have to work on different group projects.

For example, if you are taking a degree in the sciences, you may have to conduct a group experiment.

Alternatively, if you are studying design or tech, you may have to build something or engineer a product.

Projects such as these really help in developing leadership skills. They also allow you to build friendships. Most importantly, these projects are a prime way to improve your leadership skills.

If you are involved in such a project, take charge and put your name forward to lead the group. You will benefit hugely from experience.

2. Become President of a Club or Organization

Whilst group projects come thick and fast, universities also run a fantastic range of clubs and organizations. These clubs and groups usually involve extra-curricular activities and pertain to a specific subject.

Examples of clubs include Math Club, Glee Club, History Society, and so forth. In short, there is practically a club or organization for anything you can imagine.

Involving yourself in one or more of these clubs is a brilliant way to broaden your horizons and improve your knowledge about something you enjoy.

Moreover, you can either start your own club and become president or apply for president of an existing club.

This will help boost your leadership skills and teach you important lessons about people management and activity organization.

3. Get a Part-time or On-campus Job

University is undoubtedly an expensive venture. There are many fees and expenses you have to consider, and any source of income you can generate will help.

A part-time job can help cover your costs and also give you a little extra cash to have some fun and really enjoy university life too.

You can often find on-campus jobs that are convenient and help you become involved in university life.

Alternatively, many establishments, such as fast-food restaurants, hire students for part-time shifts.

Seeking part-time employment can really help develop your people skills and give you a taste of what working life is all about.

Furthermore, if you show willingness and dedication, you could even gain promotion and become a shift manager or team leader. This will greatly help in developing your leadership skills.

4. Get Involved in Volunteering

Volunteering can benefit you in a plethora of ways.

Firstly, volunteering looks fantastic on your CV and shows potential recruiters that you have potential.

Secondly, volunteering can help you learn about humility and compassion.

Finally, you can learn valuable leadership skills when volunteering; you will feel rewarded for the experience.

5. Join a Sports Team

Finally, practically every university will contain a multitude of sports teams. Popular sports teams include American football, basketball, baseball, soccer, athletics, badminton, and tennis.

Engaging in sports is one of the best ways to keep in shape and improve your health and fitness, together with a whole host of other benefits.

Furthermore, sports teams present a prime opportunity to develop your leadership skills.

Imagine being the captain of a team and working on developing your teammates’ skills and coordination.

Life Skills and the Working World

University really is a great place to establish important life skills and to prepare yourself for the working world.

There are many ways to develop leadership skills, and your university years are a prime time to do this.

How Can University Help With Leadership Skills?

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