7 Ways to Show Team Appreciation

By Scott Mathews

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A team appreciation study has shown that 88% of employees will work with a company for a long period of time if they feel appreciated. In fact, the main reason why most employees in America quit their job is that their bosses do not appreciate them.

If you think that the only time you should appreciate your employees is on Christmas and Thanksgiving Day, then it’s time to change your perception.

It seems pretty simple. But if you show your leadership team that you appreciate their work, they are more likely to stay.

Just don’t restrict your appreciation to special occasions. A good rule of thumb is to make it an everyday affair. Your team will be happier in their roles.

But if you are finding it hard to show your team appreciation, here are some simple but effective ideas to help you:

1. Team Appreciation “Thank You”

You don’t have to give a speech to show your team appreciation.  A simple thank you is enough. They may be just two words, but they can make your leadership team feel valued and appreciated.

You could also use phrases like, “You’ve done a good job,” “Thank you for accomplishing this task,” and “It’s a pleasure to have worked with you; you are such a hardworking team.”

Although these words look simple, they can make your team feel that their input matters and that you recognize their hard work and contribution.

2. Understand Their Likes and Dislikes

Step out of your office and take a step to understand your leadership team’s personal and professional interests.

Find out about their personal life, what they are planning to do during the weekend, learn about their hobbies, where they want to take their careers, and more. Showing that you value their personal and professional life makes them feel valued.

Team Celebration

3. Treat Them With Food

You don’t have to be spending time with your leadership team at the workplace only. You can make it a habit of spending time with them by taking lunch or breakfast together at the nearest restaurant or coffee shop.

When spending time together, try to make them speak to you one-on-one. Talk about topics that cover their interests and make sure everyone can contribute to the discussion.

You can also throw a pizza party on Fridays just to show your leadership team that you value their work. Or you could introduce a tea day where employees are served free tea at the workplace.

4. Surprise Them on Occasion

Who doesn’t love surprises? If you can surprise your significant other with a gift, why not do the same for your leadership team? Well, you don’t have to give them a huge surprise. Small, meaningful gifts can do the trick.

You may just leave a note of appreciation on their desk, a gift card, or a movie ticket.

“Employees who feel appreciated by their leaders will go beyond the company’s expectations and will hold themselves accountable for what they are doing”

Harry Michael

5. Don’t Place Yourself too High

It does not cost you your position when you try to relate to your team. Just don’t make them feel that you are unapproachable.

Don’t encourage a culture where executives have their own parking space and where the junior staff has to carry an exec’s luggage whenever they are traveling. This shows your employees that you don’t care about them and see them as inferior.

Be there for your team. If you feel like one or more of them are having a problem, encourage them to share and be open so you can find ways to help.

Put yourself on the same level as your team and work with them.

6. Show that You Care About Their Family

With great support at home, an employee feels motivated to work even harder. If a team member is happy, then your organization enjoys the fruits of the happiness as well.

So you should make sure that your team members’ partners and families know that you appreciate them as well by allowing them to attend work events and celebrations.

7. Offer them Learning Opportunities

Provide your team with educational incentives. This is a win-win situation. Your leadership team will employ the knowledge they acquire for the betterment of the organization in the long run.

You could pay for their classes or conferences, whether it’s a one-day conference or other costly educational conferences.

Asking for Feedback

Ask For Feedback

Asking your leadership team for feedback shows them that you value their input. It makes them feel part and parcel of the organization since they can contribute views and ideas they feel can take the organization to the next level.

Asking for feedback is a positive situation for your organization, so you can become aware of new issues and resolve them in a timely manner.

Team Appreciation is Simple

Although these ideas look simple, they are powerful. Making your leadership team feel valued by appreciating them is crucial.

So try to make it a habit to show your employees that they are valued and that their hard work is recognized. Workplace productivity will increase, and employees will be likely to stay happy.

How Do You Show Team Appreciation?

If you have ideas that you feel like sharing that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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Scott Mathews
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