4 Steps for Handling Rogue Employees

By Ashley Sanford

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While initial signs and symptoms of rogue employees often go unnoticed or ignored by companies, it is vitally essential for leaders to identify them and take steps to prevent possible damage to their company.

Employees who are aware of their responsibility for the progress of the company can do wonders when working together for its betterment. If an employee goes rogue and causes damage to the company, it can ruin the company’s reputation and prevent other employees from enjoying the benefits of their hard work.

Why You Need To Handle Rogue Employees

If rogue employees are not handled in a careful and timely manner, they can cause severe damage to the company and its reputation. The following list displays the most common situations that rogue employees create:

  • Stealing and sharing the company’s confidential details with rivals
  • Starting a social media campaign to defame the company
  • Embezzling money
  • Destroying records of important company documents
  • Leaking information that traps the company in legal complications
  • Stealing the company’s clients
  • Transferring the company’s property in their name
  • Working as a spy for a competitor

Steps You Should Take

Never ignore or underestimate the amount of destruction that can be caused by a rogue employee. Knowing how damaging it can be for you and your business, make sure to take the following steps to handle the situation in a wise manner:

1. Bind Employees By Rules And Regulations

You need to realize that an efficient response is required by the company if you have discovered fraud by an employee. Formulate rules and regulations that determine a code of conduct for employees. Make sure the rules encompass all possible consequences of a breach before any employee succeeds at damaging it.

2. Be Vigilant

You have to be most vigilant when it comes to protecting your business. Learn how to keep an eye on your employees without giving them hints about your suspicions. Make a committee for this particular assignment, and train your managers to look out for symptoms among employees that can be alarming.

Develop an effective vigilance system in your company’s account department to scan for and prevent any possible money embezzlement. Run an internal audit whenever suitable for your business to have a clearer picture of where capital is being used and by whom.

3. Prevention Is Better Than Cure

If you can prevent the cause of the rogue behavior of any employee, you may also succeed at stopping them from damaging your company. Train your human resources department to spot and anticipate issues that your employees might have. The ability of the human resources department to handle all the grievances of workers can become your biggest asset in fighting the possibility of rogue employees.

Also, encourage your employees to share their problems with the company’s counselor and HR office only so that the disputes can be sorted out within the office. Once the disputes are settled within the office, nobody from outside will be able to tarnish your company.

4. Formulate Policies For the Use Of Social Media

As an employer, it is your right to prevent any employee from bringing unneeded attention to your company or business. In the current age where social media is used excessively and for many purposes, it has become essential for companies to formulate policies regarding the use of social media by employees. Trends and platforms of social media keep changing, and employers should refresh their policies accordingly.

Rogue employees may create bigger problems than an employer can handle, but it is always advisable to take suitable steps to prevent disputes and minimizing potential damage through strict policies.

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