10 Online Collaboration Tools to Maximize Team Productivity

By Janja Jovanovic

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The way we work has massively changed in the past decade. Remote work has become a new-age standard of work. And what’s best: companies and employees love it.

On the one side, companies are saving a lot of money on office supplies. They are able to decrease sick leave by giving more freedom to their employees. And without a physical office, they can scout for talent on a global level instead of locally.

On the other side, employees have more freedom when it comes to managing their own time and the ability to have a more balanced life. It seems like freelance and remote work is so desirable that almost 90 percent of Americans would consider working independently as freelancers than being full-time employees. 

However, having a remote team brings a plethora of challenges. The main problem is a collaboration between team members working on the same project miles away from each other.

That’s why we decided to share ten online collaboration tools to help your remote team become more organized and productive:

1. Asana

If you’re in search of an excellent team collaboration tool, you should give Asana a shot. Asana is one of the most popular online project-management tools enabling teams to stay organized by helping them track their tasks. This tool allows organizations to plan and structure their workflow by letting them assign and prioritize tasks, share details, and set deadlines and priorities.

It’s useful for both remote and in-house teams, enabling them to streamline their work and bring tasks to completion efficiently. What we don’t like about Asana is the lack of a chat section, causing comments to pile up in the tasks assignment space. This can often create confusion among team members.

2. Vacation Tracker

The quality of our work and our productivity is closely tied to how well-rested we are. That’s why ensuring that employees use their vacation time is the first step companies should take toward more streamlined work. Vacation Tracker is here to ensure both remote and in-house teams are at their best and productive selves by enabling them to track and manage leave in a more efficient way. 

Vacation Tracker comes as a Slack integration, allowing teams to schedule, approve, and track leave with a few simple steps. All they have to do is to type “/vacation” in their Slack chat, and they are seconds away from scheduling leave. On the other side, employers get instantly notified whenever someone makes a leave request, and they can approve it immediately.

What we especially love about Vacation Tracker is the possibility of trying out the product before buying the license. That way, organizations can see for themselves if they like it or not without strings attached! With this being said, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take it for a spin.

3. Slack

Slack is an app that doesn’t need any introduction. Slack enables teams to discuss all project-related issues in one place. Team members can be divided into channels by a specific project and share documents and updates to streamline their work better.

4. Google Drive

Simple yet effective, Google Drive enables teams across the globe to share and store relevant info in one place. This cloud storage solution has excellent sharing capabilities, and we love it for its fast transfer speed.

However, Google Drive is somewhat lacking when it comes to security and privacy, and that’s something competitors have used to their advantage.

5. Yammer

What Facebook is to personal life, Yammer is to business. Yammer is an online collaboration tool that works as a social network just for your workplace.

To be invited, team members need a company email. From there, employees will be able to collect relevant information to show in their newsfeeds, making sure they never miss important information.

6. Wrike

Like Asana, Wrike is also a project-management tool that enables teams to break tasks into smaller, more achievable goals. It shows teams how much time and money they spend doing each task, ensuring they’re always staying under their budget.

This feature comes in handy for the teams managing other clients, such as agencies and other client service-based businesses.

7. WorkflowMax

WorkflowMax is an all-in-one project management tool bringing together accounting, project management, and lead management services. What we love about it is its ability to create reports which enable teams to bring tasks to completion without breaking deadlines or overspending.

8. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is one of the most preferred project management tools due to its affordable price and its all-around usefulness.

Zoho Projects is done for small to mid-sized businesses offering project scheduling, budgeting, and project-assigning features, enabling both managers and teams to deliver tasks on time without breaking the budget.

9. Mural

Where designers are involved, there’s Mural to help. The mural is a digital whiteboard enabling designers in a team to post sticky notes, videos, and images to get quick feedback on their idea.

Mural is a great collaboration tool for remote teams because it enables them to work within the same whiteboard even though they’re scattered around the globe.

10. Cage

Cage is an awesome tool made for small businesses working with freelancers and remote employees. It enables teams to share projects within a team, with clients and other collaborators. Cage lets teams leave visual comments on the tasks and schedule and manage tasks within a team.

It’s Not Easy Working on a Team

But these tools surely make it easier. Even though the modern era changed how we do business and put significant challenges on how people collaborate, we managed to overcome these obstacles by using online collaboration tools.

Which Collaboration Tools Help You?

If you have ideas about collaboration tools that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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