5 Simple Tools For Team Collaboration

By Cathy Baylis

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Tools for team collaboration help make an efficient and productive team. Leaders must improve the team’s collaboration efficiency. In other words, great collaboration is the key to a successful business.

Implementing effective collaboration with your team members might not be as easy as it sounds. People are different and have different belief systems, so they respond to different strategies.

Now, how does a leader improve his team’s collaboration and communication skills? Let’s take a look at the following five tips:

1. Team Building Activities

In order for a team to collaborate better, they need to know each other better, and there’s no better way to get to know each other than through team-building activities. The best part is that you can get creative and implement any team-building activity that you and your team want.

For instance, a great idea that will get your team members to connect and understand each other better is to bring your close family members to the office and introduce them to colleagues.

This is a good strategy that’ll help your employees show a little more of their background and establish a better rapport with their colleagues.

Additionally, having a “contest day” is a great activity that will allow your team to work together in order to improve both their competitive spirits and their professional skills.

2. Positivity and Rewards

Most people respond well to positivity and if they don’t, then they’ll surely respond well when motivated with a considerable reward. Everyone likes to be appreciated for the efforts they make in order to help the company to thrive and prosper.

A gesture as small as noticing one’s effort, especially if it comes from his boss, can make all the difference in any team member’s eyes.

Also, a reward for working so hard on a big project is the best way to say thank you as the team’s leader.

3. Implement Transparency

If you are constantly keeping secrets from your team, then they will follow your lead and do the same. You must lead your team by example and implement a culture based on transparency.

If every member of your team knows what’s going on, as well as the purpose and the bigger picture of the company, it will be easier for them to collaborate between departments.

If there’s an issue going on, letting your team know about it is the smartest thing you can do because you never know when a brilliant solution can come from one of your team members.

4. Establish a Judgment-Free Culture

No one likes to feel judged in general, and it’s even worse when your work or work ethic is the subject of being constantly judged. This behavior distracts your employees from their work and drastically affects their collaboration.

When someone is going to work, they shouldn’t worry about the judgment of their colleagues. Everyone should focus exclusively on their work and on what they can do to improve their results.

Therefore, it’s your job to implement a judgment-free culture and explain how unproductive that behavior is for adults, especially for a company with high standards.

5. Don’t Punish Failure

We’re all humans, so we fail. Failure is a part of our life, and it happens more often than success does. As a leader, you must know this. Therefore, you must not punish failure.

Instead, you must ensure that the ones who fail see and realize what they have done wrong, so they won’t fail again.

Your team shouldn’t live in fear of failure, as confidence and faith are the only ways to evolve and become better at any job.


There’s always something you can do as a leader in order to improve your team’s efficient collaboration. These are just five ways that can make a major change in your team’s collaboration proficiency.

Experiment and see which strategies work best for your team members, and then implement the most effective one.

Do You Have Tools for Team Collaboration?

If you have tools for team collaboration that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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